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Re-mall: Efficiency, quality and safety are critical for recycled plastics

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-30

The increasing diversity of end-user applications is driving the demand for high quality recycled plastics. In response, many companies are upgrading their technologies to improve the quality of recycled plastics.

Zhu Kuan, Founder and CEO of Shanghai Re-mall Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd., said that high-value recycled plastics are becoming a trend in the utilization of plastic resources. As more and more brand companies are willing to use sustainable products, the industry is looking forward to more materials and application solutions.


“To expand the scale of plastic recycling, the recycled plastics industry needs more efficient and innovative solutions to overcome cost barriers and provide sustainable products at reasonable prices for brands and consumers,” he said.


Zhu Kuan, Founder and CEO of Shanghai Re-mall Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd.

At CHINAPLAS, Re-mall is showcasing its innovative PCR-PP products, which is close to virgin plastic in quality. It has received Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification and FDA safety certification (No Objection Letter), and has achieved breakthrough applications in a variety of fields, including household chemicals, toys and textiles.


Its applications in textiles represent a leapfrog development of injection molded recycled PP in China. One of them is the manufacture of sofa materials with high PCR-PP content.


“I believe that in future, recycled plastics will be more widely used in consumer packaging, electronics, automobiles, textiles and 3D printing,” said Zhu.


He also noted that the digital transformation of the industry is an inevitable trend. Companies need to improve efficiency while implementing digital traceability of their recycled products.


Meanwhile, Re-mall has established its goal on the digitization of the collection and processing of recycled plastics. The company has also quantified the carbon footprint of its recycled plastics so as to better demonstrate the green value of its recycled products.


“High quality and a high level of safety are important for closed-loop cycle of plastics,” he stressed, adding that companies in the recycled plastics industry have been making “great efforts” to achieve these goals.


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