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Thousands of innovative exhibits and hundreds of technology debuts to explore at CHINAPLAS 2023

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-29

CHINAPLAS 2023 enters the third day with a myriad of eye-opening technologies waiting for you! According to the organizer, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., over 3,800 machine exhibits and more than 1,400 material suppliers are presented in the exhibition.


In particular, the exhibition boasts more than 240 technology debuts, many of them are innovative high-technologies developed locally in China.



One of the highlights of this year’s exhibition is the abundant high-technologies showcased, including advanced molding technologies, new materials, and low-carbon and circular technologies. 


Innovative and high-tech molding refers to advanced processing for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, and so on. These technologies feature energy and resource saving, highly integrated systems, and smart manufacturing functions for remote monitoring. In line with sustainable development, they can also process recycled and bio-based materials. 


New high-tech materials are more sustainable and perform better than conventional plastics, and therefore, many of them are suitable for the new energy sectors. For instance, high performance and sustainable flame retardant solutions are applied in electric vehicles, and solar cells are made of superior tie-layer materials. Besides, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics are drawing attention in many high-end application fields. 


Low-carbon and circular technologies are for the production of bio-based and recycled plastics, whose properties and applications are similar to that of fossil-based materials, as well as optimized recycling technologies.


New machines with high-tech molding technology


Among the debut technologies presented at the exhibition, cutting-edge machinery equipped with high-tech molding technology is under the spotlight. For example, the MH Series Multiple Injection Molding Machine from BOLE Intelligent Equipment has a wide range of applications. It features large servo turntable system, adjustable center distance of mold, and patented break-resisting design of tie-bar. The movable platen is supported by linear guide with sliding shoes.


The MH Series Multiple Injection Molding Machine from BOLE Intelligent Equipment.


The new full servo automatic blow molding machine from Taizhou Huangyan OUGE Machine Mould Co., Ltd. is equipped with the preform non-reversing horizontal device. The heating pitch between the preforms is small, which effectively improves the heating efficiency and saves energy.


Innovative materials with superior properties and sustainability


The innovative and high-tech materials making debut at the show are interesting to explore. As application of new energy becomes more extensive, the safety of lithium battery as one of the power modules is a hot topic. The new flame-retardant polypropylene of Guangdong Jishuo New Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly used in Lithium battery modules for rail transit system (high-speed railway) and new energy vehicles. It is halogen free, low smoke, smooth on surface, and is EN45545-2 certified for railway applications.


Innovative recycled and bio-based materials are developing rapidly in recent years. Bluepha PHA is a natural polymer synthesized by microorganisms using starch or plant oil, with mechanical properties comparable to conventional plastics. Bluepha Co., Ltd. has developed two grades for commercial use. Both grades are available in powder and pellet form for applications such as green packaging, tableware, fabrics, etc. 


The new Innovative Products Zone (Hall 20) is newly added this year.


Furthermore, the new Innovative Products Zone (Hall 20) newly added this year to showcase innovative hi-end products is worth seeing. Visitors can check out functional film products as well as high-performance and environmentally friendly products in this zone. 


CHINAPLAS, once again, provides a quality platform for showcasing innovative technologies and information exchange. Do look around to discover new things at the show. It will prove to be a rewarding visit!

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