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Fu Chun Shin shares ‘smart manufacture code’ through new machines

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-25

Looking back on the market development in the past year, Wang Chun-Chieh, Chairman of Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., believed that the auto parts industry is leading the market. In particular, it is obvious that the market growth of auto parts has been driven by new energy vehicles. This will gradually increase the awareness of low carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development in major industries.


Fu Chun Shin is a leading company that mainly produces special injection molding machines, with a competitive edge in two-color machines (import substitution).


Wang said that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for two-color machines has increased which has enhanced the growth in revenue of the company. He pointed out that the group's revenue in 2022 increased by 7%, reaching 1.04 billion Yuan.


He stressed that the three major trends of “circular economy”, “energy efficiency” and “digitalization” are leading technological developments of the injection molding industry.

Regarding circular economy, one of the key areas is the recycling and reuse of recycled materials, whose quality is greatly affected by the recycling technology. Thus the molding control technology of re-granulation of recycled materials has become the critical issue, Wang said.


The energy crisis in Europe has highlighted the importance of issues such as energy management and energy efficiency. Wang pointed out that “multi-process integration” can streamline the production process, reduce costs and increase efficiency. For instance, technologies such as in-mold decoration, in-mold electronics assembly, on-line compounding (direct composite injection molding) and multi-component molding technology (two-color machines, three-color machines) can eliminate additional manufacturing steps.


Wang Chun-Chieh, Chairman of Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. stands in front of the SA-290h model.


Meanwhile, the use of digital systems can promote efficient energy-saving management to better support the circular economy and boost energy efficiency. “The energy efficiency of injection molding focuses not only on the energy saving of the power source of the machine, but more importantly on the energy saving of the molding process, especially on improving the temperature control technology of the machines, molds and peripheral equipment,” he said.


Driven by these three major trends, Wang said that Fu Chun Shin is well-equipped to meet new challenges and shares the company’s “smart manufacturing code” through an array of brand new machine models displayed at CHINAPLAS 2023 that are suitable for different industries.

Firstly, the high-speed, precise and cost-effective new model SA-h/p series high-speed molding system is specially targeted to the wide applications of medical and food packaging industries.


Next in the series is the SA-290hPET, a special model for producing blood collection tubes. It is equipped with 1 out of 32 blood collection tubes from Bosheng molds, with automatic retrieval and a molding cycle of around 7 seconds.


Apart from the SA-290hPET, the company has also joined hands with Bosheng Industry to launch the special edition SA-380h thin-walled packaging multi-component system.


The CT series all-electric injection molding machines is exhibited once again at CHINAPLAS. Each model is equipped with the iMF4.0 smart manufacturing factory system developed by Fu Chun Shin.


With these exhibits and the latest technology, Wang hoped that CHINAPLAS 2023 will arouse new demand and hot topics so that the exhibition not only moves in sync with the market, but also ignite new ideas.


Speaking about the company's development direction, he said that the current over-concentration of business in the auto parts industry poses some risks. “Therefore, in future, we will seek new growth areas and diversify market risks by setting up new product lines (high-speed machines, full motors) with new teams to explore new markets (medical, packaging).”


The company’s new production facilities in Hangzhou Bay New District is near completion and is expected to commence operation in May. It plans to produce 2,000 special injection molding machines per year, producing mainly large-scale two-platen injection molding machines with a clamping force of more than 500 tons, large-scale two-color machines, large-scale horizontal two-plate, two-color machines and other special injection molding machines.


He pointed out that the new factory in Hangzhou Bay is estimated to have an annual output value of around RMB 800-1200 million at full capacity. Combined with the Jiangbei factory and the Hangzhou Bay New District factory, the company is setting an operating target of RMB 1.5-1.8 billion in the future.


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