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Guolong looks forward to more development space for recycled plastics

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-25

As countries around the world promote the use of recycled plastics, major companies are increasing their demand for the materials. With this inevitable trend as backdrop, improvements are expected to be made in the production technology, production efficiency and quality of recycled plastics. The range of application of recycled plastics is also set to expand.


Guo Jiawan, Chairman of Guangxi Wuzhou Guolong Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd., expresses optimism in the stable development of the recycled plastics industry and hopes to see more “new processes, new technologies and new products of recycled plastics” at CHINAPLAS. “I look forward to seeing more exhibits denoting the development of recycled plastics at CHINAPLAS 2023 so as to boost the influence of the materials,” he said.


Guo Jiawan, Chairman of Guangxi Wuzhou Guolong Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd.


Guo believes that three factors will affect the company's development in the next few years:

1. Whether China will introduce policies in line with countries around the world on the use of recycled plastic products to promote the development of the industry;

2. The standards, access conditions and launch time in China for recycled plastics to be used in food contact;

3. Trade restrictions in various countries that will affect product sale.


Guo hopes that countries around the world will give the green light for the import and export of recycled plastic products. He also hopes that China can be a leader in recycled plastics manufacturing and innovation.


Guolong's R-PET products have achieved the comprehensive industrial chain model, including ABA sheets, R-PET blister products and R-PET granules. These recycled particle products can be used for food packaging, industrial packaging and more. With its quality basically the same as that of new materials, its food-grade products have obtained EFSA, FDA and other certifications, which are environmentally friendly products that feature energy saving, emissions reduction, green development and carbon footprint reduction.


Guolong has brought in two food-grade granulation lines from Austrian Erema and is using a solid-phase thickening production line from Swiss Buhler. The production process has obtained EU EFSA and USA FDA food certification. The ABA three-layer co-extrusion advanced technology is used to ensure that its products are green and harmless.


In addition, the company has brought in five high-speed thermoforming blister production lines from German Kiefel, as well as the smart capacity KTR6.1 high-speed cup production machine for the largest output capacity.


Guolong's recycled pellets in different colors and the daily chemical packaging product made with its recycled products.


Guo said that the company’s current production lines can produce 50,000 tons of food-grade R-PET particles, 50,000 tons of chemical-grade R-HDPE particles and 30,000 tons of food-grade R-HDPE particles. It can also process and recycle 100,000 tons of used HDPE (discarded daily chemical bottles, motor oil bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, etc.) per year, while the annual output of blister boxes can reach 2 billion. In thermoforming box labelling, its online floor-standing labelling system can process a series of tasks, such as automatic straw placement and labelling, which not only improves operating efficiency but also reduces staff input.


As the Chinese government has yet to permit the use of recycled plastics as food contact materials, the current use of recycled plastics in China is limited to daily chemical products such as shampoo, shower gel and detergent. Many mainstream brands have gradually used recycled plastics (mainly recycled PET and recycled HDPE) on the rigid packaging of daily chemical products.


However, the Asia-Pacific region outside China has permitted recycled plastics to be used as food contact materials, allowing recycled plastics to have a share in areas such as food, beverages and cosmetics.


Guolong's recycled materials are coated with food-grade silicone oil which can be used in the packaging of food, fruits and vegetables. They also have anti-static functions and can be used in high-end electronic packaging.


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