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SOREMA optimizes recycling lines to tackle waste stream challenges

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-25

In response to new challenges brought by the ever-evolving plastic waste collection policies and packaging materials, SOREMA, a leading company in sorting, shredding and washing technologies, has taken major steps to improve its recycling systems.


According to Ottavio Previero, Sales and Marketing Manager at SOREMA Division of PREVIERO N. S.r.l., the company has advanced its technologies to adapt to the availability of plastic waste streams gathered from the collection systems. It means that the performance of its sorting systems has been optimized to match any available sources of input materials.

“Recyclers have enough suitable materials for now. What can be done is to improve the collection and sorting of plastic waste in terms of quantity and quality,” stressed Previero.


The company also offers its customers the opportunity to conduct comprehensive recycling and washing tests at its “Recycling Research Center” in Alzate Brianza. “We have improved the efficiency of our process control with special attention to the washing water quality through wastewater treatment plants, which is dedicated to plastic recycling plants,” he said.


With these recycling technologies, SOREMA can mass produce high-quality secondary raw materials for reuse in packaging and other productions.

CHEN4914_web.jpgOttavio Previero, Sales and Marketing Manager at SOREMA Division of PREVIERO N. S.r.l. with the Drying Centrifuge Model DCE 10/20.


Besides, market demand for highly energy-efficient recycling process and more sustainable packaging materials is driving the enhancement of SOREMA's solutions to the next level.


“Taking care of the environmental impact, we have reduced emissions and consumption of our systems,” Previero said, adding that the company has also developed innovative de-inking and delamination solutions for processing multi-layer materials, which are challenging to be recycled.


Besides enhanced technologies, SOREMA believes that cooperation between the industry and the public is vital for scaling up the collection and sorting of plastic waste.


Previero said that in China, as in the rest of the world, the trend in the plastics market is to increase the recycling of plastics in the production process.


For example, high quality fibers are retrieved from PET bottles or from fiber waste for re-production. Plastics, recycled with bottle-to-bottle technology, are utilized by more major beverage brands (mainly soft drink and mineral water) across their product packaging. This also happens in the food packaging sector, thanks to tray-to-tray recycling technology.


Besides, there are products manufactured from recycled post-consumer waste in HDPE and PP. Previero pointed out that large cosmetics companies have been using up to 30% recycled materials in their packaging, and plan to increase the percentage in the coming years.


SOREMA's recycling lines are designed for the products from post-industrial or post-consumer waste, including flexible packaging made from POPE and BOPP & BOPET stretch films, agricultural films and tubes, rigid packaging in PS, PP, PE and PET, and bottles and cans made from HDPE or PET.

The company presents its new developments in mechanical recycling of plastics like PET, PP, PE and fibers at CHINAPLAS 2023. A special Drying Centrifuge Model DCE 10/20 is also on display.

Previero shared the company’s “upcycling concept” with us: “The advantage of SOREMA's “upcycling concept” is to manufacture a packaging product, such as a PET bottle, by replacing the virgin polymer with increasing percentage of post-consumer harvested materials,” he explained. “These materials, after a proper recycling process, are available on an industrial scale.”


To process the materials, SOREMA offers systems with capacity from 500 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h.


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