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Latest innovations in packaging machinery

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-31

Consumers have higher requirements for packaging design and sustainability, which accelerates the upgrade of packaging machinery and equipment. At CHINAPLAS 2023, renowned manufacturers showcase their latest packaging machinery technologies that improve production efficiency, automation level, energy saving, and sustainability.


Kiefel showcases KMD 90 Smart for the first time


It is the world premiere of the new SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart steel rule cutting machine from Kiefel (Booth: 10Q21) at CHINAPLAS 2023. The machine was engineered in Germany and made in the Brueckner Group’s factory in Suzhou, and is equipped with advanced features and options to process various materials for the packaging industry.


In the live demonstration, visitors can experience the performance capabilities of the SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart which is available for sales in China and many other countries. It is designed for the efficient production of food and non-food plastic packaging, for example, trays and containers made from PET, PP, PLA, PS, PE or recycled plastics.


The efficient steel rule cutting machine SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart was engineered in Germany and built in China. (Booth: 10Q21)

The highly productive machine is 100% made by Kiefel with worldwide engineering standards and quality processes being applied. It complements the smaller KMD 78 Smart. The automation, time-saving tool change system, and steel rule cutting and integrated stacking station are mature technologies.


The SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart comes with a forming area of 870 x 920mm, a tool dimension area of 890 x 940mm, and it can produce formed parts with a height of up to 160mm. Thanks to the film temperature measurement with closed-loop control and energy recovery system, the machine is efficient and sustainable.


Kautex focuses on blow molding technology for high-quality products


Under the theme “Experience the Difference”, Kautex Maschinenbau (Booth: 2C31) emphasizes the technologies for production of high-quality blow molded final plastic products.


As a blow molding machine manufacturer, Kautex believes that ensuring highest quality of the final products produced is in the foreground, but not producing machines. The company is convinced that only understanding customers’ real needs and products, it can satisfy them in the long term.


The theme “Experience the Difference” further refers to the way Kautex presents its production solutions. It does not just show a physical machine, but shows the right machine for the customer.


At the booth, visitors can experience 19 different production solutions via virtual reality and augmented reality technology, including the production of bottles, jerry cans, IBCs, liners, and kayaks.

R-Cycle Pilot Project Products-lpr_300.jpg

Products of the R-Cycle pilot project are displayed at Kautex’s booth. (Booth: 2C31)


To drive circular economy, Kautex provides customers with full support in making products more sustainable. Specific projects showcased at the booth demonstrates how the company is putting its sustainability vision and mission into practice.


For example, the pilot projects that Kautex has undertaken as part of the R-Cycle initiative is displayed. With the help of a digital product passport, recycling-relevant information is recorded during the production and stored in the R-Cycle database. During recycling, the data can be retrieved for optimal reuse.

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