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How to process lowest-quality recyclates into profitable blown films

Source:Reifenhäuser 2023-06-03

Legal requirements and global brand owners oblige film manufacturers to use recycled material in their films. Obtaining recyclate in good quality, sufficient quantity and at a favorable price is a major problem. As a result, the margin of film manufacturers decreases immensely.


The extrusion lines and components manufacturer Reifenhäuser Blown Film has developed a technology that enables blown film producers to become independent of expensive recyclate. With EVO Fusion producers use readily available, low-cost film waste and even printed laminates directly as raw material.

The EVO Fusion process relies on direct extrusion, which eliminates the need for expensive thermal recycling processes. This means that fluff (film shreds) and all types of production waste and PCR material can be processed directly, if desired.


Until now, such low-grade recyclates could only be used for thick-walled injection-molded products. In addition, producers can make higher-quality films from recyclates that could also be processed in the past. In this way, processors open up new fields of packaging application for recycled materials.

Direct extrusion with EVO Fusion is made possible by the twin-screw technology, which homogenizes the melt better and thus ensures a stable process. In addition, processors can degas the system very easily and effectively, removing unwanted components in the recyclate.

Reifenhäuser presents its state-of-the-art technology at Chinaplas 2023 (Shenzhen, booth 10 J11). 

With EVO Fusion, even fluff (film snippets) and all kinds of production waste and PCR material can be directly processed into blown films.



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