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SK chemicals acquires chemically rBHET and rPET business of Chinese supplier Shuye

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-02

SK chemicals announces that it held a board of directors meeting and signed an asset transfer agreement related to the chemically recycled BHET and chemically recycled PET business division of Shuye, a Chinese company specializing in green materials. The acquisition price for this deal is approximately US$ 98.4 million.


SK chemicals’ acquisition of Shuye's assets includes a depolymerization plant that chemically decomposes waste plastics to produce recycled BHET and a CR-PET production facility that uses the r-BHET produced here to make PET again. As a result, SK chemicals has secured the world's first commercially available polyester chemically recycled raw materials and production facility, which can be sold separately.


Through the acquisition of Shuye's assets, SK chemicals has obtained a commercial production system for chemically recycled BHET and products that utilize depolymerization technology about 1-2 years ahead of other domestic companies. By producing recycled plastic raw materials such as waste PET in China, where there is abundant supply, SK chemicals is expected to gain a high level of price competitiveness.


Through this investment, the company has completed a recycled plastic value chain that extends to chemically recycled BHET, chemically recycled PET, and chemically recycled copolyester, securing the sustainability of copolyester, which is its core business, and laying the groundwork for new growth.


SK Chemicals has signed a US$ 98.4 million asset purchase agreement with Chinese supplier Shuye to secure mass production system for recycled raw materials.

Along with the expansion of its copolyester business, SK chemicals plans to make the chemically recycled BHET and chemically recycled PET businesses with high growth potential as new growth drivers and focus on them starting from the early stage of market formation.


Its strategy is to supply chemically recycled PET to the domestic and foreign food and beverage bottle markets, as well as the food packaging film market, highlighting its properties such as transparency, appearance, and stability.


Besides, the company plans to enter high-value-added markets, such as industrial specialty fibers, where the use of physically recycled PET is difficult, and take the lead in the global US$7.57 billion market. The company also plans to sell the chemically recycled BHET as a standalone product to polyester manufacturers who want to produce recycled products.


By quickly validating its own technology through operations of the secured production and pilot facility, SK chemicals plans to accelerate domestic depolymerization plant investment and continuously discover business partners to build global production infrastructure in Europe, North America, and beyond.


In addition, it plans to accelerate the development of depolymerization technology with "r-TPA", which can be a game-changer in the recycled plastic industry. "r-TPA" is a chemically recycled raw material that allows easy removal of impurities from waste PET and production of high-quality recycled plastic without requiring additional production equipment.


Ahn Jae-hyun, the CEO of SK chemicals, said, "The early securing of chemically recycled BHET will accelerate the enhancement of our corporate value through the recycling business as a part of our financial story expansion. We will strive to become a leading company in the global recycled plastic market by pursuing global expansion and advanced recycling business models."

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