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Over 96,000 visitors flooded to CHINAPLAS 2023 on the second show day

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-02

After welcoming a record breaking of more than 69,000 visitors on the first show day, CHINAPLAS 2023 continued to getting even more crowded yesterday (Apr 18)! The total number of visitors yesterday reached 96,809, of which 9,892 (10.22%) were from overseas, according to the show organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.



The active participation reflects that there is high demand for new processing technologies and innovative materials in different industries and markets. TechHub@CPRJ Live Streaming further discussed hot topics of intelligence, digitalization and expansion of “Made in China” products with industry leaders.


Scan the QR code to watch the inspiring interviews of TechHub@CPRJ Live Streaming.

SACMI (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Tracy Han, Technical Manager at SACMI (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Left)


Alan Wang, Sales Director at SACMI (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

At CHINAPLAS 2023, SACMI presents new technological developments for the CCM that deliver even greater energy savings and more advanced controls.


Tracy Han, Technical Manager at SACMI (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., talked about the advantages of the latest CCM machines which are equipped with the new CM-Flow extruder.


The machines can save up to 9% energy. They also reduce up to 50% black specks compared to the same resin processed with traditional extruders. The CMFLOW technology produces caps that have the same resistance to stress cracking as those produced with traditional extrusion technology.

Guangdong Taisen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


Zhiqiang Fan, Sales Director at Guangdong Taisen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Guangdong Taisen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a supplier with over 10 years of experience specializing in post automation.


According to Zhiqiang Fan, Sales Director at Guangdong Taisen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, At the CHINAPLAS fairground, visitors can see a complete set of technologies for automated packaging for bottle blowing, with no gas leakage and higher compatibility, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Suzhou YUZHEN Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


Aderms Lu, Sales Director at Suzhou YUZHEN Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

As a pioneer in the intelligent visual inspection of hard packaging, YUZHEN provides comprehensive post inspection solutions for packaging production.

At this year's CHINAPLAS, they brought technologies based on AI new algorithms, mainly launched for after hollow forming and printing. Aderms Lu, Sales Director at YUZHEN introduced this latest development to CPRJ.

CGC Technology International Guangdong Limited


Li Hua, General Manager at CGC Technology International Guangdong Limited

At the exhibition, CGC Technology International Guangdong Limited showcases the underwater granulation integrated machine for ABS.


Li Hua, General Manager at CGC Technology, explained that the company’s UWP underwater granulation machine adopts a fully enclosed cycle granulation to reduce emissions. It is particularly suitable for producing major odorous materials, such as ABS, PS, PMMA, etc.

Besides, the patented centrifugal dehydrator has a good dehydration effect, which can reduce the surface moisture content of particles by about 2000PPM, effectively solving the problem of residual moisture in ABS granulation.

Full house for fruithul concurrent events

The Design Forum and the SciXplore Forum held yesterday had a full house. Well-known designers, industry experts and scientists shared their valuable perspectives, experiences and research achievements to help shape the future of the plastics industry.


The SciXplore Forum grandly kicked off yesterday afternoon. It was an event where scientists and experts reported the technological breakthroughs and shared their views on future development of the polymer industry.


At the forum, both Prof. Wang Yuzhong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Yu Shuhong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, described the trends of sustainable polymer materials.


In his presentation, Prof. Wang shared his views on the new routes and technologies of green, low-carbon polymer materials, while Prof.  Yu talked about the latest developments of nanocellulose and natural polymer materials.


In view of new market demands driving higher requirements for materials, Prof. Chul B.Park, Academician of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, introduced the latest research on plastics that have high toughness and stiffness. In another presentation, his academician colleague, Prof. Zhu Shiping, pointed out that process digitalization plays a crucial role in innovation of high-end polymers.   


Last but not least, the speech of Prof. Li Liangbin from the University of Science and Technology of China focused on advanced synchrotron light source, which he believes is the catalyst of innovation for the polymer industry.


The Design Forum of the Design x Innovation concurrent event launched in the morning had five speakers focusing on how design and materials drive sustainability development and circular economy.


In her presentation “Blooming CMF Flowers - Aesthetics of Materials!”, the first speaker Emily Shi, Business Development Manager Color & Aesthetics, Global Color & Design (CMF), Business Entity Engineering Plastics, Covestro, emphasized the significance of fully leveraging the functionality, aesthetics and circularity of polycarbonate materials through CMF design.

Another speaker, Ivan Wu, General Manager at Nova Design, talked about plastic aesthetics. Through various post-processing technologies, plastics can create charming textures similar to metal and wood, he said. Plastics artworks should be reused in the post pandemic era in which material prices increase and circular economy is advocated, because plastics realize economic and sustainability benefits.


An expert in material science, Daniel Dai, Innovation Project Leader, R&D, Materi'act, shared similar view that innovation and R&D empower recycled materials to become the material of choice in the new era. Automotive trims and interiors, in particular, will be a major application of recycled plastics in the coming years, according to him.  

Exhibit highlights of the day






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