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INEOS Styrolution present styrenics-based alternative with ceramic-like appearance

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-04-21

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has announced that a range of styrenics based polymers are an effective and sustainable alternative for ceramics, compared to traditional resin-based applications.


The styrenics based approach allows for recycling and there is no loss of the distinctive appearance of ceramics. In addition, energy consumption during production is significantly lower using a styrenics based solution than firing ceramics.


Together with partner Microfol Compounding, INEOS Styrolution has been evaluating a range of polystyrene and SBC based solutions to act as a substitute for ceramics. The results have been compelling, delivering properties for appearance, feel and weight.


In fact, the results were convincing that producers of hygienic consumer items, such as bath tubs, sinks or soap dishes, have signaled early interest in reviewing the data and application prototypes.


INEOS Styrolution introduces styrenics-based compounds with ceramic-like appearance.

The SBC material used in this project is INEOS Styrolution’s Styroflex, a copolymer with the properties of a thermoplastic elastomer (S-TPE), suitable for extrusion (including both blown and cast film) and injection molding. In particular, Styroflex contributes significantly to an increased impact strength of the new material.


Combining the new compounding solution with NAS, a stiff, amorphous styrene methyl methacrylate (SMMA) copolymer also results in a food contact compliant solution.


Peter Hofmann, Managing Director, Microfol Compounding, remarked, “At Microfol, we love finding innovative solutions to challenges in plastics. We are excited to be part of a development that may change how we work with ceramics, a material that is around for almost 30,000 years.”


Stefan Meier, Business Development Manager at INEOS Styrolution, commented, “The versatility of styrenics continues to amaze us. The material – we also refer to “Ceramic White” – is a viable alternative for many uses and its recyclability always comes as a very much appreciated bonus on top.”


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