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Cargill rebrands its slip & anti-blocking additive range as Optislip

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-31

In July 2022, Cargill acquired to Croda’s Performance Technologies business and with it the Polymer Additives range of products. Following this acquisition, Cargill is announcing the re-naming of the Crodamide brand of slip & anti-blocking additives to Optislip.


The Optislip products form part of Cargill’s wider Polymer Additive portfolio, delivering a range of friction control benefits to a variety of polymer types. The new name was chosen to reflect the product's ability to deliver optimized slip & anti-block performance to polymers.


Cargill’s Crodamide range of slip & anti-blocking additives will be re-branded as Optislip.

The product range is well-known for its wide variety of solutions including high, medium, or low slip properties as well as anti-blocking performance. Speed of migration can also be controlled through careful product selection, depending on the need of the end application. The product can be utilized in a variety of applications from food packaging to automotive plastics.


Cargill can confirm that this name change will not impact the products on offer, with the same range of chemistries and physical forms continuing to be available. The products will continue to be made at the same manufacturing sites as previously, and to the same specifications.


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