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swop 2023 to be held from Nov 22-24 with new exhibit area

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-26

With the global implementation of the sustainable development agenda, many leading companies have been gradually promoting sustainable transformation based on their business characteristics.


Meanwhile, a wide range of innovative business models are emerging. As one of the core issues of sustainable development, the circular economy has attracted much attention due to its enormous commercial and social value.


According to the Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking before 2030 issued by the State Council of China and the report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is necessary to “promote the circular economy to help reduce carbon emissions” and “accelerate the construction of a waste recycling system”. The documents also set the development goal of “broadly operating the eco-friendly ways of work and life by 2035”.


With the implementation of national policies on green and low-carbon development and industrial structure upgrading, consumers are becoming increasingly green and environmentally conscious. The circular economy model, supported by industry and consumers, is expected to create more development opportunities.


The packaging industry continuously improves green development


Countries around the world have introduced policies to advocate low-carbon development and energy conservation, build a circular economy and promote green packaging. In this context, unprecedented opportunities have emerged for the packaging industry.


To promote packaging recycling and capacity sharing, the entire industry chain is working together to achieve low-carbon, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly packaging, storage, and transportation.


swop 2023 presents the Green Power immersive and interactive exhibit area.

Examples such as the “π-box” from S.F. Express, the “Qingliu box” from Jingdong Logistics, and reusable insulated boxes for fresh food are adopting smart, recyclable, and reusable packaging solutions, which help companies achieve the vision of carbon neutrality.


Climate change is one of the top challenges of our time. It is now imperative to minimize the output of non-recyclable waste in the production process. The key to this lies in recyclable design, i.e., how to make the usable materials in packaging recyclable.


The circular economy has become a key area for the development of low-carbon, recyclable and sustainable packaging, and the packaging industry will make a great contribution to the circular economy.


Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) will be held from November 22-24, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. swop 2023 will focus on hot topics in packaging, including the circular economy, resource management, digital technology, product safety, and the FMCG Infinity Zone.


Green Power immersive and interactive exhibit area


For the first time, swop 2023 will present the Green Power immersive and interactive exhibit area, bringing together cutting-edge information, brand design, OEMs and sustainable packaging materials/packaging products on an unprecedented interactive networking platform created specifically for the packaging supply chain.


Green Power will focus on showcasing a variety of new materials and their production equipment, including biodegradable materials and packaging, fully biodegradable bag-making machines, paper-plastic packaging products and equipment, and paper container production equipment. The goal is to help companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve low-carbon and energy-efficient growth.


The exhibit area will bring together over 150 renowned exhibitors in the industry. During swop 2023, exhibitors and visitors will gather under one roof to discuss the industry’s hot topics, including recyclability, biodegradability and reduction; circular economy, white pollution control, green design; carbon neutrality, and peaking carbon dioxide emissions.


In addition, forums, lectures and demonstrations will be held in the Green Power immersive and interactive exhibit area. Industry experts from the China Packaging Federation, WGSN, INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS, Centdegrés, etc. will be invited to elaborate on relevant laws, regulations and hot topics on packaging.


Leading companies in the industry will also be invited to share successful cases and discuss new trends in packaging from different perspectives. The events are expected to attract a large number of trade buyers.

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