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Changsu Industrial and TotalEnergies Corbion collaborate on advancing adoption of BOPLA films

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-25

Xiamen Changsu Industrial Pte Ltd (Changsu Industrial) and TotalEnergies Corbion have announced a strategic cooperation agreement to work together in the market promotion, product development, and research and development of new technologies and applications of biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BOPLA).


Changsu Industrial is a leading global player in high-performance specialty plastic films. The company focuses on three major product segments: new energy, biodegradable, and functional film materials. The development of BOPLA is a good example of strong collaboration between different players in the value chain.


Mou Qingying, Vice President Changsu Industrial and Thomas Philipon, CEO TotalEnergies Corbion sign MOU between the two companies.


BOPLA is made with biobased PLA using biaxial stretching technology, making Changsu Industrial's BOPLA product BiONLY biodegradable and capable of significantly reducing the carbon footprint of packaging materials. 


Changsu Industrial and TotalEnergies Corbion are already working closely to bring sustainable solutions to the Chinese market. One key example is the development of BOPLA-based adhesive tapes made of Changsu’s BiONLY that will replace conventional fossil-based material and help provide a strong solution to the postal service in China.


New regulations have already been announced to encourage the adoption of biodegradable materials in the country's postal service by 2025 with some cities aiming to achieve this earlier by the end of 2023. With the further tightening of the regulation, BOPLA-based adhesive tapes are expected to experience a wider adoption in the future. 


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