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EREMA presents new solution for PET fiber-to-fiber recycling

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-07

EREMA launches the INTAREMA FiberPro:IV, which has been specially developed for PET fiber-to-fiber recycling, at ITMA held in Milan from 8-14 June. Thanks to its especially gentle material preparation and efficient removal of spinning oils, the rPET produced can be reused in proportions of up to 100% for the production of very fine fibers.


By combining proven INTAREMA technology with a new IV optimizer, EREMA succeeds in processing shredded PET fiber materials heavily contaminated by spinning oils in such a way that the finest fibers can be produced again from the recycled pellets.


The system, which now joins EREMA's machine portfolio as the INTAREMA FiberPro:IV, is characterized by a longer residence time of the PET melt. This is an essential factor for achieving high quality recycled pellets, as it allows the spinning oils and other additives used to improve the handling of the fibers during manufacturing to be removed more efficiently than in conventional PET recycling processes.

Erema_ITMA 2023_350.jpg

Fibre waste was recycled into high-quality pellets in EREMA´s fibre test centre. Using filament technology, a 3 dtex fibre was spun, which was processed into knitted fabric for clothing or technical textiles.  

Following extrusion, by polycondensation the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the PET melt is increased in the new IV optimizer and under high vacuum to the precise level that is needed for fiber production.


"Including filtration the output quality that we achieve with this recycling process is so high that ultra-fine fibers of up to 2 dtex can be produced using these rPET pellets, with an rPET content of 100 percent," says Markus Huber-Lindinger, Managing Director at EREMA. Waste PET fiber from production processes can therefore be further processed into rPET filament fiber, carpet yarn and staple fiber.


While the focus of the fiber and textiles application is currently still on PET fiber recycling, EREMA is committed to driving forward the recycling of mixed fiber materials from classic textile recycling collection in a next project phase. 


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