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New Toyochem complex comes online to produce condensation polymers for semiconductor

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-09

Toyochem Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Toyo Ink Group, has completed construction of a new Polymer Pilot Facility at its Kawagoe Factory, a manufacturing complex located in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture in Japan.


The new Facility, which came online in April 2023, is engaged in the prototyping and medium-scale production of advanced polymers and their composites.


In the first-phase production line, Toyochem plans to manufacture condensation polymers that exhibit high heat resistance and high flexibility, properties needed to fulfill the very demanding requirements of today’s semiconductor components. Key applications include high heat resistant and flexible adhesive materials for high-speed communication components and functional adhesives for electric vehicles.


Toyochem constructs new pilot facility in Japan to accelerate the development of highly functional polymers for electronic materials.

In line with its growth strategy, Toyochem, with the cooperation of its Polymer Materials Research Institute in Japan and the new Polymer Pilot Facility, is expected to accelerate development of new products and related businesses needed to support its customer base now and well into the future.


“Recently, Toyochem has been focusing its efforts on developing a series of high-functional products, including environmentally friendly types and performance coatings for the electronics field," said Yasushi Ariyoshi, Division Director of the Polymer & Coating R&D Division at Toyochem.


"These applications require improved properties to satisfy the most demanding requirements. And the establishment of a new pilot facility bolsters our ability to develop and deliver new polymer grades needed to meet the future performance and sustainability demands of our customers.”


In addition to serving as a model system for the trial production of new polymers, Toyochem’s Polymer Pilot Facility is also being used to consolidate polymer pilot areas at Kawagoe and to accumulate data needed to enhance smart-factory initiatives incorporated at its manufacturing sites.

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