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LEONHARD KURZ upgrades system to recycle and re-process PET

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-30

In line with the trend topics of the circular economy and resource conservation at interpack 2023, LEONHARD KURZ presented RECOSYS 2.0 to the public as a real trade fair highlight. This is the further development of the take-back and recycling system for PET transfer materials launched by the Fürth-based thin-film specialist.


The first major step in this direction was already taken with the introduction of RECOSYS and the post-industrial compound RECOPOUND. The recycled injection-molded granulate already saves up to 40% CO2 compared to virgin material, is suitable for the production of stable and durable plastic products, and can also be decorated to a high quality.


Thanks to optimized processes, RECOSYS 2.0 now not only enables even more KURZ products to be reclaimed, but also expands the application possibilities of the recycled material.

recycled materials

RECOSYS 2.0 is a further development of the take-back and recycling system for PET transfer materials launched by KURZ.

With the help of RECOSYS 2.0, surplus carrier materials from the graphic industry can now be processed into rPET for the first time. rPET is used, among other things, in the manufacture of plastic bottles or plastic packaging and also offers a wide range of possible uses.


"We are currently the only manufacturer in the industry that converts the PET carrier of our ultra-thin transfer decoration into valuable raw material. Our long-term goal is to recycle all our products and use them to produce new carrier material. This will enable us to achieve a truly circular economy in the future, where excess material no longer has to end up in the trash," stated Rolf Schmidtke, RECOSYS 2.0 project manager at LEONHARD KURZ.


All customers participating in RECOSYS receive a recycling certificate, which is confirmed by the independent environmental expert organization Intechnica Cert GmbH. This certificate confirms the traceability of the process, and transparency towards end customers and consumers. It also provides information on the annual CO2 savings.


RECOSYS 2.0 can also reduce scope 3 emissions, i.e., greenhouse gas emissions along a company’s entire value chain, by up to 90%. This is achieved, among other things, by avoiding burning carrier materials, a lower product carbon footprint (PCF) and general conservation of resources, as the use of primary raw materials for the extraction of PET is not necessary.

Recycled plastics

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