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BASF opens Europe’s first co-located center of battery material production and recycling

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-07-05

Together with customers, politicians and partners, BASF recently celebrated the opening of Europe’s first co-located center of battery material production and battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany.


The inauguration of a state-of-the-art production facility for high-performance cathode active materials and the unveiling ceremony for a battery recycling plant for the production of black mass represent important steps toward closing the loop for the European battery value chain, from the collection of used batteries and the recovery of mineral raw materials to their use in the production of new battery materials.


Battery materials are at the heart of lithium-ion batteries as they significantly determine their performance and therefore play a crucial role in the transformation of mobility.


The new plant is not only the first production facility for high-performance cathode active materials in Germany, but also the first fully automated large-scale cathode active materials production facility in Europe. The plant is fully sold out for the next years and will supply products tailored to the specific needs of cell manufacturers and automotive OEMs in Europe.

battery material

BASF establishes a co-located center of battery material production and battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany. 

The carbon footprint of BASF’s innovative cathode active materials is significantly lower than the industry benchmark thanks to BASF’s proprietary efficient production technologies, which include minimized energy consumption and a high proportion of renewable energy.

Further investments to be ready  

In order to meet growing customer demand for the European electric vehicle market, BASF is already preparing additional investments for cathode active materials in Europe and is in advanced negotiations with customers. BASF believes that this underlines its commitment to establishing a robust, localized battery value chain in Europe.


BASF already offers cathode active materials based on recycled metals as a closed loop solution in Asia and North America to conserve resources and further reduce their CO2 footprint. With the investments in Schwarzheide, BASF is now directly supporting the European market and at the same time enabling faster growth for its global business.

Black mass production

End-of-life batteries and waste from battery production are mechanically processed in the new plant for black mass production. “Black mass” contains key metals used to make cathode active materials: lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.


In a second step, these valuable metals can be chemically recovered in the most sustainable way and used to produce new cathode active materials. Construction of a black mass production facility has already begun, and production is expected to start in 2024.


The two plants will expand the product portfolio at BASF’s Schwarzheide site and create a total of around 180 new jobs. BASF added that the investments reinforce its support of the European Commission’s agenda towards a European battery production value chain.

Lithium-ion battery
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