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New KraussMaffei digital service enables defect-free injection molding machine operation

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-07-11

The operation of injection molding machines is often complex and requires great technical expertise during the various process sequences. In smartOperation, KraussMaffei now offers a digital service product that enables defect-free machine operation, increases process stability and thus boosts efficiency in production.


In particular, the company emphasized that machine operators without in-depth prior knowledge of injection molding technology benefit from the advantages of smartOperation.


smartOperation is an intuitive machine function that enables separation between process settings and the actual operator interface. The machine operator is guided through the entire production process in a clear and structured manner by means of simple instructions. This ensures a standardized, optimum production process.

digital service

KraussMaffei offers intuitive operator support that leads to higher process stability in injection molding production.

Guided process with simple instructions

smartOperation gives even machine operators without prior knowledge the ability to operate KraussMaffei injection molding machines immediately. After the initial set-up of the process by an expert, the setting pages are locked and the possibilities for intervention are severely limited.


From this point on, the production can be controlled with only two buttons: a green button for the start of production or the next step and a red button for the previous step or the end. In this way, the machine operator is guided step by step through the process with simple work instructions.


smartOperation thus enables standardized as well as error-free machine operation, providing the basis for stable process quality, reduced downtimes and an increase in production efficiency.

Retrofit allowed for existing injection molding machines  


The smartOperation machine function is available for all KraussMaffei injection molding machines with an MC6 control system and can also be retrofitted to existing machines. "By retrofitting smartOperation, we enable our customers to operate even older machines according to the latest technology and to equip the current machinery for the future," said Dennis Hölzl, Product Manager – Digital & Service Solutions at KraussMaffei.


The smartOperation machine function is a digital service product in the smartMachine product family from KraussMaffei. These solutions within the injection molding machine also include APCplus or dataXplorer. A feature that these two digital solutions share is that they analyze the injection molding process on the basis of the data, automatically adjust it and thus optimize it.

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