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HASCO strengthens pipe plugs and sealing plugs for injection molding tools

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-07-12

For the reliable sealing of cooling drill holes in injection molding tools, use is generally made of socket pipe plugs. HASCO introduces new headed hexagon socket pipe plugs Z 9410/... that are available made of either brass with a special integrated FKM O-ring or a high-temperature type of stainless steel.


The O-ring, which, in the HT variant, consists of a highly temperature-resistant fluorinated rubber material, guarantees reliable sealing of the drilled cooling holes – also without any additional sealing of the thread.


Both socket pipe plugs are suitable for the reliable cooling of injection molding tools with hot or cold water or heat transfer oil. The low compression set allows optimum application, whereby production outages due to leakages are significantly reduced. They are easy to assemble and dismantle.

pipe plugs

The new HASCO headed hexagon socket pipe plugs Z 9410/...

Whereas socket pipe plug Z 9410/… is made of the high-quality brass material 2.0401 for temperatures up to 120 °C with water and oil, the maximum application temperature for the HT version made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4305 with special high-temperature O-rings is 180 °C for water and 220 °C for oil.


They guarantee a reliable seal even with large temperature differences. HT pipe plugs from HASCO are thus suitable for applications in medical and clean-room technology.


Stainless steel sealing plugs for clean room applications

Moreover, HASCO brings out new sealing plugs. When designing the cooling system of an injection molding tool, sealing plugs are used for diverting flows within the temperature control system and for sealing drilled cooling holes.


The new HASCO sealing plugs Z9425/.../VA of stainless steel are particularly suitable for use in clean rooms, for example in medical technology. They allow reliable cooling of injection molding tools when using hot or cold water or heat transfer oil.

sealing plugs

The new HASCO sealing plugs Z9425/.../VA

The sealing plugs are temperature-resistant up to 180 °C and have excellent corrosion resistance. Internal pressures in the cooling system of up to 10 bar can be achieved without problem.


The high-quality stainless steel 1.4305 guarantees reliable and durable cooling applications. Due to the Torx geometry of the fixing screw, the plugs are easy to assemble and the torque is reliably transmitted without any damage to the inner profile.


Whereas assembly with horizontal drilled cooling holes can be carried out easily by hand, it is advisable with vertical cooling holes to slightly increase the size of the sealing plug before mounting it by screwing in the Torx screw and exploiting the friction with the wall of the drilled hole. This enables controlled positioning even with vertical installation.

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