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Innovative reinforced PP compound that replaces metal in technical applications

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-01

Repsol has developed a new polypropylene (PP) compound reinforced with mineral fillers optimized for high-added-value applications as an alternative to using metals or other heavier polymers.


The applications are large lamellar systems of up to 15 m in diameter, used by the mining industry when extracting water and leachate or at drinking water treatment facilities.


Substituting metal or other higher-density polymers with PP in the manufacture of the lamellar system provides numerous advantages, among which are lightweight, evading the need for on-site welding, and, safe for health due to PP’s innocuousness.


Moreover, Repsol's PP composite module assembly on site, therefore, becomes a simple process that does not require specialized personnel, offering savings in installation and allowing for single profiles delivery instead of assembled modules.

lamellar system.png

lamellar system_water treatment.png

Repsol has developed a new PP compound for applications of large lamellar systems.


Shipping single profiles can reduce the volume occupied for freight purposes, added to the weight reduction, minimizes fuel consumption and CO2emissions during transport.


The new reinforced PP compound lamellas offer high mechanical resistance, while allow reuse and recyclability, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12, which aims to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030.


With this development, Repsol expands the use of polyolefins in high-performance parts until now mostly manufactured with other types of heavier materials.


Incorporating polyolefins into parts with high technical and functional requirements represents new opportunities to develop new materials for other high-performance technical parts

Polypropylene (PP)
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