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IBM’s new Cloud Carbon Calculator tracks GHG emissions of IT workloads

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-07

The increase in data processing required for AI workloads can present new challenges for businesses that are looking to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The new IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, an AI-informed dashboard, comes in handy to offer easy access to GHG emissions data for IBM Cloud workloads.


Based on technology from IBM Research and through a collaboration with Intel, the tool uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to allow users to track GHG emissions across various workloads, analyze the data and identify emissions hot-spots, assisting them in adjusting their strategies to reduce emissions.

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IBM’s new Cloud Carbon Calculator is designed to give users access to standards-based GHG emissions data and help manage cloud carbon footprint.


The capabilities of IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator include:


  • Track down emissions across various workloads to cloud service level: By delivering detailed GHG emissions data for their workloads on IBM Cloud, the tool allows clients to visualize and track GHG emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol. Clients can also use different functions and services, including profile filters and classic and cloud native infrastructure services.


  • Identify GHG emissions hot-spots and opportunities for improvement: Clients can analyze emissions by month, quarter and year, to gain a regular view of progress. Having access to emissions trends and patterns helps to uncover anomalies and hotspots, which help clients adjust their strategies to optimize workloads across locations and help reduce emissions.


  • Leverage data for GHG emission reports: Clients can access the output and audit trails generated by the tool to help meet their reporting needs. Users can even extend its function by integrating the emissions data into various IBM tools. It helps enterprises conduct further analysis, set, operationalize, and achieve their environmental goals.


Alan Peacock, the General Manager of IBM Cloud, emphasized that businesses must consider how to manage the growth of data and reduction in their carbon emissions at the same time.


“As part of any AI transformation roadmap, businesses must consider how to manage the growth of data across cloud and on-premise environments. This is especially critical today as we see organizations face increasing pressure from investors, regulators, and clients to reduce their carbon emissions,” he said.


IBM also plans to work in collaboration with partners, such as Intel, to execute programs that aimed at helping clients increase energy efficiency and reduce compute-related GHG emissions with energy efficiency innovations.

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