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Moretto to display 50 machines at Plast 2023

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-14

Moretto will participate in Plast 2023 with a 400 square meter stand and more than 50 machines on display.


The Italian manufacturer will display all its product lines, from conveying to dehumidification, from dosing to granulation, from temperature control and cooling to storage.


OTX dehumidification hopper

One of Moretto’s exhibit highlights will be the OTX (Original Thermal eXchanger) dehumidification hopper. With seven patents, it ensures a regular flow of material, guaranteeing the correct drying of each individual granule.


Optimization of the process parameters has made the hopper possible to reduce the hopper size, technological airflow and treatment time by 40% for the same hourly throughput. The reduction in size has been enabled by the energy efficiency of OTX, which improved by 66% at the same production capacity.

OTX hopper_300.jpg

The OTX dehumidification hopper guarantees energy efficiency.

A smaller size hopper indicates the use of a smaller dryer. With use of HYPER FLOW turbocompressor, exceptional energy efficiency is guaranteed. A 1200 mc/h generator with side channel pumps in continuous operation consumes 16.5kW/h while a HYPER FLOW turbocompressor for the same performance consumes 4.8kW/h, which is almost four times lower and cost savings of €35,800 per year.


Digitalized customer service

In addition to energy efficiency, digitalization of processes and services is another business strategy of Moretto.


With continuous technological advancement Moretto has introduced automated spare parts warehouses, management software and online platforms that allow real-time responses prove its high standard of service commitment.


The digital evolution and service improvement also includes the QR code project, which will be presented at PLAST 2023 in Milan, Italy.


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