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Kiefel introduces new form-fill-seal machine for medical applications

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-17

Kiefel is launching the new SOLUTIONPERFORMER KFS modular form-fill-seal machine for polyolefin parenteral nutrition or dialysis bags in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Up to 6,000 bags can be manufactured per hour on the most powerful version.

form-fill-seal machine_480.jpg

The new SOLUTIONPERFORMER KFS modular form-fill-seal machine from Kiefel.

High efficiency and flexibilty

The KFS line manufactures, fills and seals the bag on a single machine. Depending on the machine configuration and bag size, over 4,500 bags per hour can be equipped and filled fully automatically on the basic version, and even up to 6,000 bags per hour on the most powerful version.

There is almost no limitation to the design of the bags – from either tubes or injection-molded port connections, to either single-chamber or multi-chamber bags. The bags can also be customized from 50 to 6,000 ml.

With the advantageous offer to option of printing and checking static and variable data, products are labeled and 100% traceable.

polyolefin bags_480.jpg

The SOLUTIONPERFORMER machine is suitable for manufacturing polyolefin bags in the medical sector.

High quality products and minimum resources

The solid construction and process control of the machine ensure high degree of product quality and safety. The filling area of the system is prepared for Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sterilization in Place (SIP).


The system ensures maximum particle reduction with use of technology such as film cleaning, a special tube cutting process and frictionless film guiding. At the same time, it maximizes its output and constant quality monitoring with precision mass flow meters, optional residual oxygen content control and automatic sealing of the infusion, dialysis or nutrition bags.


Servo motor are also used instead of pneumatic drives in all relevant stations, to achieve optimum process control and reduction in compressed air consumption. Thus, lowering the energy costs per article produced. 

More functions

The intuitive HMI simplifies machine operation and guides users through the tool change process when the product changes. The machine is also secured via user ID and password. Machine performance can also be monitored via performance dashboard.


Other functions are optionally available, including track & trace, camera quality control and data transmission to mobile devices.

Medical packaging

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