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Mono-material stand-up pouch with PCR developed for organic fertilizer

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-17

Solvi, Braskem and Antilhas have partnered to co-create a 100% recyclable, mono-material, stand-up pouch, made with polyethylene (PE) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, for organic fertilizer from Organosolvi.

fertilizer packaging_480.jpg

Using PE and PCR resin, the mono-material stand-up pouch for organic fertilizer is 100% recyclable.

The packaging combines two essential concepts of circularity: a mono-material solution and the inclusion of PCR content.


The three companies are responsible for different roles in the collaboration according to their expertise.


Solvi, as an expert in treatment, disposal and recovery of waste, owns the organic fertilizer from Organosolvi, a company in the Solvi Group. The company initiates its partnership with Braskem and Antilhas, for their sustainable portfolio, when exploring sustainable packaging for the company’s organic fertilizer.


Braskem provides PCR resin for producing the packaging. The packaging contains 57% Wenew PCR resin, a product of Braskem’s portfolio of solutions with recycled content. The use of PCR resin helps prevent an equivalent average of 25% of CO2 emissions compared to packaging produced with virgin plastic raw material.


Antilhas produces the stand-up pouch package. The artwork on packaging is printed with Gelflex Electron Beam ink, which is the company’s exclusive technology that helps obtain a 50% reduction in energy consumption and a 95% reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.


Consumers can discard the used packaging to collection bins. The recovered polyethylene packaging can be returned to Braskem, which will transform the packaging into PCR resin, and later, into new products.


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