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ExxonMobil introduces new HDPE grade for mono-material MDO films

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-18

ExxonMobil has developed a new high density polyethylene (HDPE) grade, ExxonMobil HD7165L, for Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) PE film applications.


Designed for recyclability, HD7165L can help converters create mono-material laminates, which are more suitable for mechanically recycle compared to multi-material laminates.


“The development of new HD7165L has been driven by market demand from brand owners and processors looking to develop all-PE packaging which, in turn, has created a need for print webs made of blown MDO-PE films,” said Nilesh Savargaonkar Principal Customer and Application Development Engineer, ExxonMobil.

mono material laminates_480.jpg

The new HD7165L grade has shifted to mono-material laminates which demonstrate outstanding performance.

The new grade also offers outstanding mechanical properties. HD7165L can enable converters to produce blown MDO-PE films with 60-70% HDPE for enhanced stiffness and high heat resistance. High MDO stretch ratios as high as 7:1, with very high stiffness (1% secant modulus as high as >200 kpsi) can be achieved.


Compared to a market reference HDPE grade (density 0.962 g/cm³), HD7165L (density 0.961 g/cm³) delivers better shear thinning behavior and extrudability, higher melt strength for bubble stability, excellent orientability, and gauge uniformity. It also performs high output rates, in excess of 400kg/hr, while bubble stability is maintained.


Outstanding optical properties are also available on HD7165L, with haze less than 10% and gloss higher than 60%. It offers high standard of printability for optimum brand promotion.


The new grade can be used to package products like nuts, crackers, condiments, granola bars and potato chips.

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