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Aptar’s functional and recyclable SimpliCycle valve launched in European markets

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-08-30

Aptar’s SimpliCycle recyclable valve performs high functionality while drives sustainability to the forefront of packaging innovation, with recognition and awards from various organizations. SimpliCycle has been launched recently in a variety of dispensing closures with brands in several European consumer end markets.


Performing high functionality


SimpliCycle remains all the advantages of Aptar’s Silicone and Swimming Silicone valves, providing a high level of cleanliness, control and convenience for consumers’ dispensing experience.


The valve provides clean product cut-off which ensures maximum flow control and clean dispensing – allowing consumers to get precise amount of product while avoiding drips, leaks or spills.

aptar simlicycle valve_480.jpg

SimpliCycle valve offers clean product cut-off and ensures cleanliness on the closure.


SimpliCycle’s versatility in valve diameter guarantees optimal dispensing performance for a range of product viscosities. In addition, the valve is made from a material that makes it highly compatible with a wide variety of oil-based and high-acid food products.


Demonstrating high recyclability and sustainability


When assembled into an Aptar closure, the SimpliCycle valve provides a fully recyclable and high-performance solution for use with either PET, PP or HDPE containers.


SimpliCycle recyclable valve received approval from various organizations regarding its recyclability and sustainability, including RecyClass and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).


In September 2022, RecyClass confirmed SimpliCycle’s full compatibility with PP, PET and HDPE recycling streams.


SimpliCycle valve also received awards regarding its sustainable design, including the best CSR/Sustainability Initiative in 2021 by World Food Innovation Awards, 2022 WorldStar Global Packaging Award for packaging innovation and 2022 AmeriStar Award in the Sustainable Packaging category.

Packaging design

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