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ENGEL to launch application for ordering spare parts of injection molding machines at Fakuma

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-09-05

ENGEL will launch its part finder, a smart application for identifying spare parts of ENGEL injection molding machines, at Fakuma 2023.


Identifying and purchasing spare parts of injection molding machine or production cell may be complicated due to the loss of expert knowledge on system’s details when a long-standing machine operator retires, or difficult part identification when parts wear and get dirty.


ENGEL’s simple, time-saving application helps with these obstacles and provide efficient production with high level of machine availability. It allows users to identify and order virtually any part of an ENGEL machine with just a mobile or computer device with internet connection.


Various options are available for identifying parts. Image-based search function enables users to take picture of the part and define the image section to be used for the search. Images can also be mailed to the Purchasing department, which the purchasing coordinator can then use the image file in part finder to identify the part.

 ENGEL part finder image search_480.jpg

Visual search is available on part finder.


Besides this visual search, the software also supports key words and synonym search and a smart parts list search.

 ENGEL part finder search list_480.jpg

Users can also identify parts through parts list search.


Part finder not only can identify new parts of the latest machine models, but it can also recognize dirty, worn or defective parts of older machines, from cables to pumps. The application’s database includes injection molding machines which are up to 20 years old, along with other systems.


Users can then order the identified parts with the order function. Initiating the order process with a click, the tool generates an email, which can either be sent directly to ENGEL as an order, or forwarded internally for approval. This avoids ordering wrong parts by mistake and improves efficiency in spare parts procurement.

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