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Röhm relaunches EUROPLEX O plastic material for orthopedic applications

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-09-08

Röhm has relaunched its EUROPLEX O, a transparent sheet material for manufacturing orthoses, shoe inserts and other orthopedic aids in the orthopedic technology sector.

 rohm EUROPLEX O_480.jpg

EUROPLEX O is a transparent plastic material especially for orthopedic aids.


Thermoformable at low temperatures


EUROPLEX O can be bent and molded at temperatures as low as 90°C without pre-drying, while remaining more stable than many comparable materials.


The material’s thermoformability also allows orthopedic technicians to adapt the material perfectly to the anatomy and make alterations later, if necessary. The transparent plastic makes it easy to spot pressure points that need to be readjusted.


With high mechanical stability and impact resistance, shoe inserts and orthoses made from this material are virtually indestructible.


Inconspicuous, comfortable and clean orthopedic aids


With EUROPLEX unobtrusive color, shoe inserts, orthoses and other orthopedic aids made from such plastic are highly inconspicuous. The smooth, pore-free surface implies skin-friendly and comfortable wear of the orthopedic aids.


The material’s outstanding chemical resistance also contribute to its hygienic application – it withstands sweat and skin care products, and is easy to clean.


Moreover, there is no need for wearers to remove their orthoses for X-rays, as EUROPLEX O allows X-rays to pass through freely.


With size range of 2000mm x 1250mm and thickness of 1.5-4.0mm, the transparent EUROPLEX O sheets are currently available worldwide.


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