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Magna to start production of its latest front camera module

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-09-12

Magna announced its production of its Gen5 front camera module system for a European OEM. The company leveraged its camera expertise and global manufacturing processes to develop a scalable, one-box front camera module which it will supply to the automaker.


The complete forward facing camera system features a wide field of view with opening angles of 120° horizontally and 48° vertically. This feature not only allows long-range perception of obstacles exceeding 160 meters in front of the vehicle, but also detection of side objects, such as traffic lights, emergency vehicles and cut-in vehicles.


The camera offers eight megapixels of resolution, a 36 frames per second frame rate and a full color image. The microcontroller is scalable for sensor fusion with up to five radars.

magna front camera_480.jpg 

Magna’s Gen5 front camera module system offers driver with real-time road insights.


The system also offers features including:


  • Trained Park Assist (TPA), a parking automation comfort feature that provides driver with an option to park the vehicle automatically with a previously learned “park-in” or “park-out”,

  • Environmental Condition Recognition (ECR) can classify the current condition of road surfaces ahead with respect to wetness or snow coverage for piloted driving functions to control the vehicle,

  • Monocular Scene Reconstruction (MSR) detects the transition of drivable to non-drivable areas, such as asphalt to grass transitions, construction site delimeters and many more, and

  • Hazard Detection (HZD) notices static obstacles on the road upfront to avoid collisions.


“With our latest generation front camera module system, we are advancing driver assistance by offering essential features that keep drivers engaged and provide real-time road insights, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings,” said Sharath Reddy, Senior VP of Magna Electronics.


Magna’s production of it front camera module sets to begin in late September 2023.

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