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With SACMI, a "turnkey" future for the mineral water industry


Complete and versatile, the offer meets the needs of companies operating in this sector, realities among them also very diversified from each other in size, structure, market, united by a need: to make a leap in technological and qualitative quality, gaining in competitiveness.


From SACMI a targeted proposal for companies that bottle mineral water: to produce the cork and – together – the relative preform, exploiting the new SACMI lightened packages to save energy and raw materials with the same performance.  SACMI proposes the solution starting from distinctive skills, from technologies for each stage of production to specific know-how on materials.

The technological proposal: CCM and IPS SACMI

The first partner in the world for the production of capsules with CCM (continuous compression moulding) compression technology, SACMI has been developing the IPS (injection preform system) injection moulding machine since 2012, installing over 140 equipment in 40 countries in less than 10 years.

The IPS project has been enriched over time both from the point of view of the proposed range – IPS 220 up to 72 cavities, IPS 300, 96 cavities, and IPS 400, up to 128 cavities – and with respect to technological equipment. In particular, with IPS 300, SACMI has completed the offer by integrating directly into the press – the first solution on the market – the PVS156 system for intensive production control. Total quality control that combines with the recognized advantages of the SACMI IPS platform, ease of use, compatibility with different types of molds, productivity at the top of the market.


An integrated proposal for the transition to more efficient and sustainable neck-to-capsule standards

The transition to lighter and more sustainable container and cap standards is a global concern. These include the new 26/22 mm cap and neck, for which SACMI offers the widest range on the market. In practice, the opportunity is to produce an ultra-light capsule (1 gram, but also up to 0.8 g in the 25/22 version) and together a preform weighing 9 grams, ready for use.


A complete proposal that, in this case, is particularly interesting for the world of mineral water bottlers. With SACMI CCM (Continuous Compression Moulding) technology, which guides the world production of capsules, and IPS 220 – the smart version of SACMI preform presses – it is possible to complete the transition in a simple, profitable way, with guaranteed results, freeing up resources and respecting the environment.


A single partner

SACMI is a unique partner for every step of the process. As on IPS, dedicated vision systems are available for the entire range of machines, developed by SACMI Computer Vision and based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, for total quality control of production.

SACMI subsidiaries around the world offer constant technical assistance during implementation and testing, original spare parts that are always available. But, also, supporting the customer from the conception and product development phase, with customized solutions certified by the world's leading brand owners.


"New standards" but not only

The global direction towards new production standards is the guiding light of the SACMI proposal, which operates worldwide in close contact with international certification bodies.

But the opportunities doesn't stop there. Even considering the most widespread standards today – the PCO 1881 – SACMI can offer lightweight neck versions with the same performance, both for flat water and carbonated water, accompanying each type of customer in the investment choices most appropriate to their commercial goals.

The supply of turnkey plant solutions makes the difference: the customer, with SACMI, does not just buy a machine, but intelligence, know-how, assistance that accompanies him throughout the useful life of the plant.

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