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BOY to exhibit 13 injection molding machines with interactive demonstration at Fakuma

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-09-15

BOY will exhibit six injection molding machines at its booth, and another seven at its partners’ booths at Fakuma 2023. The company will demonstrate the production process of its machines, with visitors’ interactive participation.


Five of the six machine exhibits are equipped with a demand-oriented automation.

 BOY at Fakuma_480.jpg

BOY will present six injection molding machines at its booth in Fakuma.


Applications of BOY’s handling system LR 5


Both BOY’s own handling system LR 5 and automation solutions from partners will be demonstrated. Although LR5 has so far mainly been used to remove parts from the mold, BOY will demonstrate other applications of the handling system.


With a BOY 35 E VV insert molding machine, an additional input terminal, the LR 5 handling device and a further assembly automation, metal insert parts are overmolded to form T-shaped handles then removed from the mold by LR 5 and supplied to a pick and place automation.


In such demonstration, visitor can select four bits, which are then inserted into the plastic handle. LR 5 then places the assembled sets on a conveyor belt and the visitor receives a self-assembled tool set.


Cooperated exhibits with igus


In coorperation with igus, BOY will present two exhibits – BOY XS E with a downstream sprue separator and BOY 35 E on which a room gantry consisting of igus low-cost automation components.


In injection molding production, removing sprues costs time. Even with automation, it costs cycle time of 1.25 seconds for sprue pickers to remove sprue directly from injection mold by gripping pliers.


Cologne-based plastics specialist igus has developed a compact sprue separator suitable for BOY XS and BOY XS E injection molding machines.

 BOY Sprue separator_480.jpg

igus’ sprue separator can be applied to BOY’s injection molding machines.


With such automation solution, articles and sprues are separated directly at the machine, without prolonging cycle time.


The sprue separator is positioned under the ejection chute. From there, the injection-molded parts fall onto a separator, which is a rotating disc.


An integrated camera detects the sprues on the separator and a gantry robot picks them up with a gripper.


If the sprue and article still have to be separated, the article is separated by a device and falls into a box, while the sprues are ejected separately. At the same time, the injection molding machine can continue production.


Interactive demonstration with customized product


A 6-axis robot integrated under the protective housing of a BOY 25 E is used for the parts removal and further processing. With this application, mini beer mugs, from a well-known toy manufacturer, are removed from the mold, fed to a laser marking station and then placed on the conveyor belt. The whole process is fully integrated under the protective housing of BOY injection molding machine.


The laser marking on the mugs can be selected by visitors. For this application, an input terminal is available, so that the visitors can order their customized beer mug.


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