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SABIC and partners present first IML solution with renewable polymers for food packaging

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-09-19

SABIC has partnered with three specialists in in-mold labeling (IML) – Taghleef, Karydakis and Kotronis, to produce high quality mono-polypropylene (PP) thin-wall container packaging, using certified renewable PP resins, without compromising quality, processibility, safety and convenience.


The single-step IML technology achieves a seamless part decoration right in the injection mold, where the label becomes an integral component of the packaging. This results in attractive and cost-effective decorative solution. Moreover, the resulting packaging can be recycled in existing rigid PP recycling streams.

sabic first inmold label solution_480.jpg 

SABIC and partners introduce first in-mold labeling solution with recycled PP resins.


The four companies are responsible for different roles according to their expertise.


SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio offers a responsibly sourced and certified renewable polymers to Taghleef, a supplier of film solutions.


The company’s flexible decoration technology contributes to fully recyclable mono-material packaging without compromising shelf visibility and consumer appeal in retail. It also helps manufacturers reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Taghleef then produces a biaxially oriented polyethylene (BOPP) film, a label material for the IML containers. The company offers transparent, white and metalized PP label films, produced using polymers with bio-based feedstock.


The films can also easily be customized to meet specific needs of gravure or offset printing for desired haptic textures and visual appearance, from glossy, matt, orange peel or velvet feel to an entirely non-label look.


The final BOPP label film is supplied to Karydakis – its sophisticated process delivers high-quality labels pre-printed with captivating designs and branding elements to ensure integration with containers in molding process.


The company offers a wide range of printing options for containers in sizes from 50ml to 50L, including additional digital watermarking.


Kotronis is responsible for the final stage after the IML labels are cut to shape for stacking – facilitating in-mold labeling of containers in a seamlessly integrated and fully automated, single-step process.

Polypropylene (PP)
· OQ Marketing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
· FCS-Group 
· Anhui Ruihua Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. 

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