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Concurrent events enrich show visits

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-04-16 Editor :VC

In addition to showcasing latest technologies and solutions, CHINAPLAS 2023 holds a rich assortment of concurrent events that are both inspirational and exciting. The events echo the theme of the fair, “A Brighter and Shared Future, Powered by Innovation”, aiming to help the plastics and rubber industries leverage ingenuity and seize opportunities.


The concurrent events include: Tech Talk, “PRSI” - Shining Stars in Plastics and Rubber Industries, Design x Innovation, Installation Art - Sustainability Resonator, SciXplore Forum, Applications in Focus, and Market Insights Hub.


Tech Talk takes closer look at new solutions


Tech Talk has become an influential platform at CHINAPLAS for introducing the latest advanced plastics and rubber technologies from over the world. There are more than 20 presentations this year, providing visitors an efficient way to obtain high-quality supplier resources.


A series of open forums cover different topics under five themes: Eco-friendly Solution, Medical Plastics & Antimicrobial Solution, Surface Treatment Solution, Lightweight Solution, and Innovative Materials.


Date: 2023.04.17-19, 10:00-17:00

Venue: Hall 16, Booth 16R31

Tech Talk-Show preview- 2023 98 x 68mm_v3-01_400.jpg


“PRSI” enterprises in plastics and rubber industries


The Chinese government has set a strategy for cultivating enterprises that bear the characteristics of professionalization, refinement, specialization and innovation (PRSI).


In support of the policy, CHINAPLAS 2023 gathers more than 400 "PRSI" enterprises for the concurrent event, “PRSI” - Shining Stars in Plastics and Rubber Industries, providing the companies with an outstanding platform to promote themselves to the market.


The event, co-organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and China Plastic Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), is supported by Guangdong Plastics Industry Association (GDPIA) and Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association.


Date: 2023.4.17, 10:30-13:00

Venue: Hall 16, Booth 16R31



New product DNA revealed at Design x Innovation


Design x Innovation comprises two inspiring activities, Design x Innovation Gallery and Design Forum. Under the theme “Product DNA: Low Carbon, Intelligent, Health-pursuit”, the activities shed light on techniques to create a product that is eco-friendly, smart and stylish with innovative functions.


The Design x Innovation Gallery displays end products made of new materials or made with leading technologies with good design. It also shows a selection of interesting design works created by Asian designers.


The Design Forum features insightful sharing by design masters and experts from well-known institutes and plastics technology suppliers, including Product Design Center Inc. from Japan, Nova Design from Taiwan region, Avient, Covestro, SABIC and so on.


Audience at the forum can learn more product innovations realized by different plastics technologies, as well as the emerging trends in product design. The speakers will also share their valuable experiences at the forum.


Design x Innovation Gallery

Date: 2023.4.17-20

Venue: Hall 17 (Level 1), Gate 2 Lobby


Design Forum

Date: 2023.4.18, 14:00-16:30 / 2023.4.19, 10:00-12:30

Venue: Hall 18 (Level 2), Meeting Room CC201A

DXI_2023_Show Preview_v3_aw_S_350.jpg


Sustainability Resonator empowers green development


The CHINAPLAS 2023 Installation Art – Sustainability Resonator – is a co-creation of CHINAPLAS, multidisciplinary artist Alex Long and the global plastics and applications industries. It aims to build an energy body for delivering the necessity and effectiveness of aggregation, addressing today’s problems about climate change and the environment.


Among various energy forms, the developers have picked wave, which is a conduction carrier of energy and represents the trend. Sound wave is one of the basic carriers of thoughts. Most communication, knowledge, feelings and ideas find their origins from the transmission of sound.


In the development process, CHINAPLAS collected voice messages for promoting sustainable development from over the world. Every voice cell was transformed from a piece of voice by parameter processing on computer and then made into a solid body by 3D printing technology. The cells were assembled together to build the final model.


An NFC chip is embedded in the voice cell. Audiences having entered the resonator can listen to the voice files by moving their mobile phones close to the voice cells.


Besides, the Plastic Recycling Experience Area at the Sustainability Resonator site offers visitors the opportunity to experience the plastics recycling process through the operation of granulator, shredder, injection molding machine and extruder. The recycled products are given away as souvenirs.


Date: 2023.4.17-20

Venue: Hall 20, Booth 20P21



SciXplore Forum hails polymer science advancement


At the SciXplore Forum, renowned scientists and experts will share their reports and insights on breakthrough achievements and future developments of polymer science.


This concurrent event consists of five major activities, including Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion, Meet the Stars, Walk with Scientists, and Scientists’ Night.


In the Keynote Speeches section, well-known scientists present the trends and hot topics on polymers technology that denote the industry’s key developments and challenges.


Advancements in technology are ultimately commercialized and adopted by enterprises. Corporate executives from brands, industry experts and scientists will discuss in the Panel Discussion section how enterprises can grow their businesses by leveraging the power of new technology.


Meanwhile, in the Meet the Stars activity, an exclusive private meeting between scientists and corporate executives from brands is arranged to facilitate in-depth exchanges and create new business opportunities.


Date: 2023.4.18

Venue: Hall 10 (Level 2), Meeting Room 10ABC

更新-SCI-VB V2_350.jpg


Applications in Focus addresses current challenges


Focusing on the fast changing requirements from application sectors, Applications in Focus gathers experts from end-user brands, universities, research institutes, and industry associations to provide diversified solutions.


There are 12 thematic seminars, covering more than 70 hot topics, such as photovoltaic, new energy vehicle, antibacterial technology, sterilization packaging, circular economy, and so on.


Date: 2023.4.18-20, 09:30-17:00

Venue: Meeting Rooms

CPS23 AIF- VB V2-45x50mm_1_350.jpg


Market Insights Hub sheds light on latest trends


The brand new Market Insights Hub will be held on Day 4 of CHINAPLAS. The event consists of six forums, which discuss special topics about testing and inspection, brand building and new media marketing, factory operation, RCEP business opportunities, etc. Participating enterprises include Deloitte China, TCL, STC (Dongguan), among others.


In addition, a talent matching activity, Development Day for Campus Elites, will be held. Professors from Southern University of Science and Technology will be leading a group of elite teenagers to meet face-to-face with enterprises for talent matching.


The event also serves as a finale feast, sharing insights on new market trends and opportunities before the trade fair concludes.



Date: 2023.4.20, 10:00-12:30

Venue: Hall 18 (Level 1 & 2), Meeting Rooms


Development Day for Campus Elites

Date: 2023.4.20

Venue: Hall 16, Booth 16R31

Market Insights Hub_350.jpg



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CHINAPLAS Sustainability Circular economy
 Nanjing Deteng Machinery Co., Ltd.      
 Huizhou Tianhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd      

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