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Join the Design x Innovation event and shape the future of plastics

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-04-17 Editor :VC
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Design and innovation go hand in hand, and they have been under the spotlight at CHINAPLAS. This year, with the theme “Product DNA: Low Carbon, Intelligent, Health-pursuit”, the Design x Innovation concurrent event brings together prominent designers, innovators and suppliers to present the latest trends and developments in the plastics industry.


The event features two main components, the Design x Innovation Gallery and the Design Forum, both are packed with eco-friendly, smart and stylish exhibits, as well as informative presentations. They provide visitors a unique opportunity to see first-hand how the industry is evolving to meet the needs of consumers while also addressing environmental concerns and people’s well-being.


Not-to-miss showcase of innovations


The Design x Innovation Gallery, located at Gate 2 Lobby, Hall 17 (Level 1), showcases over 90 cutting-edge products from a wide range of application industries, including packaging, consumer goods, electronics, automotive, and so on.


One of the key intriguing features of the gallery is the use of sustainable materials and processes. For instance, the Ocean Plastic Mouse, which uses recycled ocean plastics as raw materials, is created under the collaboration of Microsoft and SABIC. The shell of this mouse is a new XENOY resin from SABIC containing 20% recycled ocean plastics.


The theme of Design x Innovation this year is “Product DNA: Low Carbon, Intelligent, Health-pursuit”.

The stylish luggage is made from SABIC’s mechanically recycled PP with up to 50% PCR content, making it a great choice for sustainable travel companion. This lightweight material has no compromise on processing or performance while supporting brand owners to achieve their sustainability targets.


Meanwhile, the ice-cream cup demonstrates a great collaborative effort between Unilever’s brand Magnum and SABIC. It is made with certified circular PP from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE initiative that uses feedstock made from recycling used, mixed plastics.


As healthcare patients increasingly self-administer medicines, they rely on drug delivery devices using low-friction components for accurate dosing. An innovative drug delivery demonstrator that uses healthcare-grade PC from Covestro shows new level of functionality and sustainable design. Thanks to the custom in-mold design of the parts, the unit can be created without fasteners, making it easy to separate bio-contaminated and non-contaminated components for disposal and recycling.


The Nighthawk demonstrator features electronics for wiring and touch controls that are printed on the electronics carrier film using Covestro’s Makrolon PC resin and Makrofol PC films. The device features an OLED screen, capacitive touch buttons, and a slider, as well as vertical and side-firing LEDs, all integrated within a super-thin, sealed, PC structure.


With so many novel exhibits on display, visitors will surely be motivated to push the

boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and constantly-evolving field.


Interactive forum to ignite dialogues and spark inspirations

In the afternoon today, the Design Forum takes place to provide a platform for exploring the key issues facing the industry and networking with industry experts.


Designers from Japan and Taiwan region, technology suppliers and experts, including Covestro, SABIC, Avient and Materi’act, are invited to discuss how plastics technology can achieve product innovation, and share valuable experience and new trends in product design.


The forum features four sessions, each with its own unique topic and speakers. Emily Shi, Business Development Manager Color & Aesthetics, Global Color & Design (CMF), Business Entity Engineering Plastics from Covestro shares the series project that Covestro’s global CMF team works on to integrate CMF aesthetics design into more sustainable polycarbonate material portfolio.


In his presentation of “Plastic Aesthetics”, Ivan Wu, General Manager of Nova Design talks about how plastics can create textures similar to metal and wood through different coating and post-processing methods.


Besides, Mao Wenjuan, Lead Scientist, Global Application Team, and Sheldon Qian, Sr. Business Development Manager, Auto EV Battery & Electricals APAC Automotive Marketing of SABIC, introduce how BLUEHERO can provide lightweight, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for the EV market.


Moreover, with his expertise in material science, Daniel Dai, Innovation Project Leader, R&D of Materi'act discusses the roadmap of innovative recycled materials and product designs.


As we move forward into an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the forum is a must-attend event that will keep you updated on the latest developments and inspire you with new perspectives. 

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