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Check out the fruitful dialogues at CHINAPLAS 2023 Media Day

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-04-15 Editor :JK

CHINAPLAS 2023 Media Day was successfully held today (April 15). Some of the leading exhibitors, including high-performance innovative materials manufacturer Kingfa, supplier of specialty chemicals Evonik, supplier of polyamide-based engineered materials solutions and services DOMO Chemicals, and manufacturer of custom color masterbatch, functional additives and engineered plastic compounds Americhem, discussed the current trends of the plastics and rubber industry, shared their latest developments, and gave a preview of their innovative exhibits.


CHINAPLAS 2023 Media Day was successfully held today.



At CHINAPLAS 2023, Kingfa will introduce its innovative technologies, green and low-carbon solutions, and one-stop services, targeting the upstream materials, recycled materials, automobiles, consumer electronics, and new energy industries.


It is dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and empowering a greener world through the launching of higher performance, cost-effective and sustainable material offerings. It works to achieve this through strategic partnerships with stakeholders across multiple industries.


Kingfa expects that CHINAPLAS 2023 will serve as a celebration of the company’s vision of sustainable development.

First, the company has implemented the integration of the industry chain of ABS. This has allowed the company to address market demands and resolve a wide range of application problems for its customers, starting from the initial step of the production process.


Regarding reducing carbon emissions from automobiles, Kingfa not only adds PCR/PIR/OBP recycled content to traditional automotive modified plastics, but also promotes the large-scale application of bio-based specialty engineering plastics in core functional components, such as electronic appliances, and connectors.


Jony Lee, Global Director of Consumer Electronics Material at Kingfa

Besides, Jony Lee, Global Director of Consumer Electronics Material at Kingfa, stated that the company has always been committed to meeting the needs of the consumer electronics industry with its materials, including specialty engineering plastics, bio-based and biodegradable materials. Its focus is not only on eco-friendly materials but also on implementing carbon footprint and carbon management applications.


Moreover, helping the new energy industry achieve sustainable innovation, Kingfa is utilizing its world-leading R&D platform to create an array of low-carbon, high-performance polymer materials that meet or even exceed the requirements of the new energy market. These materials find direct application in new energy power generation, transmission, and consumption.



Under the theme of “Leading beyond Chemistry, Evonik material innovations for sustainability”, Evonik will present its latest polymers and additive solutions through five sections, including Smart Mobility, Green Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Healthy Living and Plastics Recycling.


Among all, its material solutions developed specifically for the new energy vehicle (NEV) market include battery cooling lines made with VESTAMID PA 12 that are lighter than metal or rubber, high-voltage electrical busbars made with VESTAMID that meet several UL fire ratings, and ACCUREL DS series that are highly concentrated “dry silane” masterbatches which can be applied in cable compounds for EV applications.


Evonik offers sustainable solutions supporting strategic emerging industries such as NEVs, green manufacturing and additive manufacturing.

Talking about material solutions for green industrial applications, Evonik offers SEPURAN membranes for pipelines that are used to separate gases such as methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen from gas mixtures. Besides, large-size pipes for energy applications made from VESTAMID NRG PA12 can withstand harsh onshore and offshore conditions and contribute to safe and reliable transportation of fluids.


According to Janny Ji, Director PA12, Asia Pacific, Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the company's 3D printing brand INFINAM covers a comprehensive portfolio of ready-to-use high-performance materials such as polyamide powders (PA12, PA613), flexible elastomers (TPA, TPC), specialized photopolymers and PEEK filaments for all major 3D printing technologies. This allows unbounding sustainable 3D printing at scale.


Janny Ji (Left), Director PA12, Asia Pacific, Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Evonik's sustainable high-performance polymers based on renewable raw materials will also be presented. VESTAMID eCO E40, with its high flex properties, is used in applications such as foamed midsoles in athletic shoes. It is produced from 100% renewable energy and based on circular material from used tires.


The company offers eco-friendly additives for plastics recycling process and the production of biodegradable plastics as well. For example, TEGO Cycle and TEGO Sorb series can be used in multiple procedures of mechanical recycling, effectively solving such problems as de-labelling, de-inking, metal removal and odor absorption. TEGOMER and ACCUREL XP can be used in the effective production of biodegradable plastics like PLA and PBAT.


DOMO Chemicals

Driven by strong interest for polyamide-based solutions across the automotive, electrical & electronics, consumer and industrial goods sectors, DOMO Chemicals reported that it has experienced double-digit growth in its Chinese and overall Asian operations.


The company will, therefore, highlight its innovative ranges of TECHNYL engineered materials at CHINAPLAS 2023. These breakthrough solutions are designed for automotive and E&E markets. They also demonstrate the company's work to sustainability.


DOMO Chemicals presents TECHNYL portfolio expanded to address high interest for e-mobility and sustainable solutions in China.

One is the hydrolysis-resistant grade for refrigerant applications called TECHNYL 4EARTH A1E 218 V30 BK 34NG LP, a sustainable and high-performance alternative.


Another one is the new generation of TECHNYL 4EARTH HFFR (halogen-free flame retardants), a unique line of recycled-based solutions for the electrical and electronics market.


Other solutions for e-mobility include TECHNYL ORANGE shaded solutions with improved electrical performance and processability, together with color retention capability beyond aging at 130°C for 1000h, and TECHNYL PURE, the range of electrical-friendly solutions ensuring safety-critical functionality by preventing corrosion.


Fabrizio Cochi, General Manager Asia, DOMO Chemicals

In addition, DOMO Chemicals is addressing the growing interest for polyamide in the Asian market by expanding its capacity in China in three stages, said Fabrizio Cochi, General Manager Asia, DOMO Chemicals.


First, the plant added 6,000 tons of capacity in March 2022. A new 25,000-ton capacity plant in Haiyan is expected to be completed in Q1 2024. Further expansion is planned at the new plant in collaboration with authorities, with a gradual increase in capacity up to 50,000 tons expected over the long term.


In line with the company's ambitions to accelerate decarbonization of its sites, the plant will prioritize renewable energy, advanced water, fume and air treatment technologies to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.



Americhem will show visitors how it is helping Chinese healthcare companies enhance their independent research and development capabilities and achieve local and overseas expansion, in addition to supporting the business growth of multinational healthcare companies in China.


Focusing on the "in China, for China" strategy, the company works to contribute its material science expertise, portfolio of engineered compounds, application experience and its technical innovation support system to assist the Chinese medical device industry in coping with increasingly stringent regulations and maintain a competitive edge in innovation.


Americhem helps boost independent innovation for China's healthcare industry with its customized engineered compounds.

Americhem will present its differentiated product lines developed according to different application requirements, including fully transparent, light-transparent and pre-colored engineered compounds.


There are also thermoplastic elastomer materials for over-molding of medical devices, gamma-stable compounds that reduce color deviation, radiopaque compounds, infection prevention compounds with antibacterial properties, and so on.

With 10 manufacturing facilities and regional R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia, it provides proven material solutions, customized applications and product development services to all regions.



Sophie W. Zhou, the Director of Global Strategic Marketing and Communications of Americhem


As the Asia-Pacific headquarters, the Suzhou plant is providing key upstream raw materials to support the structural upgrading of China's medical device industry. Today, the company's engineered compounds have been adopted by many major medical device manufacturers.


Sophie W. Zhou, the Director of Global Strategic Marketing and Communications of Americhem, shared, "With over 30 years of innovative experience in the healthcare industry, our target is to become the preferred supplier of specialty thermoplastic for the global medical device industry."


"We focus on developing new materials, and optimizing product performance, and support medical device manufacturers in every step of their development process by providing global expertise through cross collaboration of expert teams from material selection, process optimization, performance testing to compliance certification," she emphasized.

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