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Seizing green opportunities with neoteric recycled TPE

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-05-02 Editor :SC
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Environmental sustainability has challenged manufacturers to reconsider product designs and question traditional material options. In light of this, ambitious industry players have collaborated and developed unconventional, sustainable alternatives using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), bringing new green opportunities abound across a spectrum of industries.


TPE manufacturers are focusing on creating new products to meet increasing demand for bio-based materials. Among them, KRAIBURG TPE is offering its latest THERMOLAST R RC/PCR/AP and RC/FC/PCR/AP sustainable TPE compounds for industrial and consumer applications.


THERMOLAST R RC/PCR/AP series is adaptable to universal industrial applications, thanks to its non-sticky surface and comfortable grip.


The series includes compounds with 25-48% post-consumer recycled content (harness-dependent) for a wide range of applications requiring adhesion to PP in multi-component parts or single component parts.


The RoHS-compliant RC/PCR/AP series has a hardness range of 50-90 Shore A. With good mechanical properties and flowability, the series is ideal for tool handles (hand and power tools) and grip applications, as well as grommets, functional and design elements, connectors, cable clips, and electric and electronic components.


THERMOLAST R RC/FC/PCR/AP series, with post-consumer recycled content of 9-38% (hardness-dependent), are targeted for consumer applications in the Asia Pacific market.


The series offers good adhesion with PP through the multi-component injection molding process, allowing for flexibility in product designs.


As introduced, it complies with food contact regulatory standards, (FDA) CFR21 conform as well as REACH SVHC and RoHS compliances.


It comes in natural and translucent colors allowing in-house pre-coloration. With a wide range of colors available, the materials can be colored in many different ways to deliver colourful, trendy and food-safe applications.


Furthermore, the sustainable series features low odor and good haptics, improving functional designs, thereby allowing manufacturers to be more creative with their product applications for household articles, razors, toys, grip applications, toothbrushes and more.

Kraiburg TPE_480.jpg

KRAIBURG TPE has introduced its innovative recycled TPEs for the Asia Pacific market.


Meanwhile, HEXPOL TPE has added to their growing portfolio of TPE materials containing recycled content. The new Dryflex Circular MWR TPEs contain recyclate coming from post-use maritime ropes.


HEXPOL TPE is working with PLASTIX A/S, a Danish plastic recycling company specialising in sorting and recycling plastic fibre waste from the maritime industry. They convert used fishnets, trawls and ropes that would previously have ended up in the ocean or on landfill into high-grade and virgin-like raw materials.


The Dryflex Circular MWR TPEs are available in 40 Shore A to 50 Shore D hardnesses with 10 to 60 % recycled content. They are available in black, blue, green and mint colours.


The new materials form part of the Dryflex Circular TPE portfolio, which also offers custom-formulated materials with post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial (PIR) recyclate. Dryflex Circular TPEs are recyclable in closed-loop systems.


In addition, UBQ Materials announced that it is partnering with Teknor Apex Company to include UBQ in its latest line of sustainable TPEs.


UBQ Materials converts unsorted household waste, including all organics, into a bio-based, homogeneous thermoplastic that replaces oil-based resins and wood in thousands of durable products across industries.


The company recently received UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation confirming the novel UBQ material contains a minimum of 100% post-consumer recycled content.


This partnership marks the first time UBQ will be used in TPE compounds across industries. As the preferred material for applications requiring flexibility in the consumer products, automotive, industrial, and building and construction industries, TPEs combine the performance of thermoset rubber with the processability of a thermoplastic and can be recycled.


In addition, under a recent collaboration, two US manufacturers has delivered a new eco-conscious solution to hit the pet industry.


Pet product manufacturer West Paw has launched a line of eco-friendly pet toys and feeding accessories made of SeaFlex, a highly sustainable material made of Audia Elastomers’ AudiaFlex OP line of TPEs.


The line from West Paw represents one of the first ocean-bound plastic product offerings for the pet industry. 


The eco-friendly pet products, including chew toys, bowls, and placemats, are BPA- and phthalate-free, latex-free, and have FDA compliance.


Audia Elastomers is focused on recapturing beach cleanup materials, commercial fishing gear, and ocean-bound plastics as the source for its OP line.


The AudiaFlex OP line includes products with up to 45% ocean-bound plastic and 70% total recycled material content in a wide hardness range from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A.


AudiaFlex resin has a tear strength comparable to 100% virgin TPE, allowing brand owners to meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing any performance attributes.   

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Thermoplastic elastomer Sustainability

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