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Recycled resins contribute to sustainable flexible packaging

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-05-05 Editor :VC

The packaging industry is actively responding to the demanding sustainable requirements with innovative materials and technologies. In particular, the flexible packaging sector benefits from the advancement of recycled resins processing technology, achieving the attractive appearance, long shelf-life periods while closing the plastics loop.


First flexible food packaging made based on recycled OBP


A premium brand instant noodle packaging launched recently in Malaysia is billed as the first flexible food packaging made based on advanced recycled ocean bound plastic (OBP).


OBP is abandoned plastic waste found in areas up to 50 km inland from waterways that may eventually be washed into the ocean by rainfall, rivers or tides.


Scientex, the Malaysian manufacturer in flexible plastic packaging, developed the packaging material using SABIC’s certified circular polypropylene (PP) produced from OBP.


The OBP used in the project is recovered and converted to pyrolysis oil in an advanced recycling process. SABIC uses this oil as an alternative feedstock to produce certified circular PP polymer for further processing to BOPP film. Scientex then manufactures and prints the noodle packs from this film.


The entire chain from the management of the collected OBP to the final packaging is accredited under established certification systems.


According to SABIC, with a mass balance accounted OBP content of 30%, the certified circular PP performs the same way as incumbent fossil-based virgin PP and can be used as a direct drop-in alternative in this flexible food packaging application.


Recyclable PE pouch with FDA-compliant PCR content introduced


Berry Global collaborates with film converter and manufacturer, Printpack, to introduce the Preserve PE PCR recyclable polyethylene (PE) pouch. The pouch is How2Recycle pre-qualified and contains 30% FDA-compliant post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin content.


The package features Berry Global’s Entour sealant film technology and the Entour Bold machine direction-oriented print film. A low seal initiation temperature sealant provides a wide processing window for stand-up pouch packaging equipment.


Through this collaboration, the companies provide finished product in packaging formats such as pre-made pouches, vertical form fill and seal, and horizontal form fill and seal packaging.


The packaging can be used for multiple end-use markets, including dry foods, nutraceuticals, and pet food. Consumers can recycle the marked packages through in-store recycling drop-off locations at participating retailers.


By developing the Entour family of films, Berry Global has established a foundation of products which can be leveraged to expand the sustainable offerings across flexible packaging solutions.


Innovative fresh produce packaging to use chemically recycled PA6


As chemically recycled plastics have the same quality and safety as virgin material, the scope of plastics that can be recycled for fresh produce packaging is widened.


Supplying StePac with its Ultramid Ccycled, a chemically recycled polyamide 6 (PA6), BASF will support its partner to advance contact-sensitive packaging formats to a higher sustainable standard.


StePac, specialized in developing advanced functional packaging solutions, was recently REDcert2 certified to incorporate chemically recycled PA6 into its flexible, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) products.


The two brands Xgo and Xtend are based on MAP technology with built-in humidity control which effectively slows respiration inside the packaging, delays the ageing processes, inhibits microbial decay, and preserves the quality and nutritional value of the produce during prolonged storage and long-haul shipments.


Ultramid Ccycled will make up 30% of the packaging material, with options for integration at a higher percentage.


Colombian passion fruit exporters Jardin Exotics, S.A.S. will be the first to use the new packaging brand Xgo Circular. Supplied as film for horizontal form fill-and-seal, the packaging’s MAP properties will slow the ripening process of the fruit during the long sea voyage from Colombia to Europe.


Xgo Circular with MAP properties enables shelf-life extension of fresh produce. 


Full PCR PE launched for packaging


NOVA Chemicals has announced the launch of EX-PCR-NC4, a mechanically recycled polyethylene (PE). The new resin contains 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PE and offers high design flexibility for applications such as shrink, e-commerce, heavy-duty sacks, and protective packaging.


The company's recycled PE is sourced from distribution center flexible film, which includes a blend of back-of-store stretch and front-of-store consumer drop off. Source materials are processed with state-of-the-art technology resulting in a low odor, consistent, and stable product.


Through customer trials and applications development at the company’s Center for Performance Applications, NOVA Chemicals has successfully incorporated its new recycled PE in various end-use format.


Utilizing recycled PE can maintain the necessary level of performance while also creating fully recyclable flexible packaging through a design for recycling approach, the company emphasizes.


Sustainable high-performance stretch film gets thinner


Trioworld has rolled out its Trioloop blown coex with 30% PCR content, a sustainable and high-performance stretch film. Thanks to the blown technology, it is with high puncture resistance and very good load unit stability.


The film is thinner than the company's first high-performance sustainable stretch film launched in 2021. It also has a higher level of stretchability.


Because of its know-how and expertise in each step from waste to new stretch film, the company can develop and offer premium products made of PCR content, Trioworld explained. 


Trioloop blown coex is suitable for a wide range of applications, but especially so for heavy loads or challenging shaped pallets. High load stability also has environmental benefits as a stable pallet load is less likely to cause damage, making it the sustainable route.


Trioworld's two long term strategies are LEAN and LOOP. LEAN, because the thinner film with high stretchability reduces the amount of material needed, and LOOP, because of its high-grade recycled content.


Trioloop blown coex with 30% PCR content.


New VCI film for metal protection includes 30% PCR content


Cortec has developed its latest VCI film and bag technology, CorShield VpCI-220E. The new formula not only offers improved corrosion protection for metal products but also includes 30% content.


By creating a dry protective packaging environment, CorShield VpCI-220E can replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants, saving time and money by eliminating the degreasing or coating removal of the past.


For better EHS (environment, health, and safety) benefits, CorShield VpCI-220E does not contain amines, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, halogen-based materials, molybdates, or chromates and is fully recyclable.


With the goal of creating a true circular economy where possible, Cortec began adding “repro” (film scrap) back into the production of recyclable VCI film years ago and also patented the concept of using recycled content in VCI film.


While the company has long had the ability to incorporate recycled content into its VCI film, it believes that the 30% level of PCR content is still a new achievement.

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Flexible packaging Circular economy PCR
 Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.      

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