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Clariant catalysts helps customers cut over 35 million tons of CO2e in 2022

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-05-08 Editor :JK

Clariant stated that its energy-efficient catalyst technologies made a significant contribution to climate protection in 2022. They enabled emission reductions of more than 35 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in customers’ chemical processes across a wide range of industrial sectors.


The reductions amount to more than eight times the total carbon footprint of the entire Clariant corporation in 2022. To put this into perspective, the 35 million tons of CO2e avoided by using Clariant’s catalysts exceed Switzerland's total carbon dioxide emissions in 2021.


A significant proportion of the emission reductions come from customers in the steel industry, a sector responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions. Clariant’s reformer catalysts are used in the Direct Reduction of Iron (DRI) process of iron production, which feeds into steel production.


The DRI process is a low-carbon alternative to conventional coal-based iron production that is highly CO2-intensive. The CO2 emissions from DRI-based steel are 38% (or about one ton of CO2 per ton of crude steel) lower than in conventional steelmaking.


Clariant catalysts helps customers cut over 35 million tons of CO2e in 2022.

Another key contributor to the emission reductions is Clariant’s solution for the catalytic abatement of nitrous oxide (N2O) emitted during the production of nitric acid. Primarily used as a valuable base chemical in fertilizers, the production of nitric acid is responsible for the equivalent of 100 million tons of CO2 annually due to emissions of undesired N2O by-products.


The company's catalysts offer an economic solution to remove up to 99% of N2O emissions by converting them into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. This technology is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce sizeable amounts of GHG emissions in the chemical industry with costs well below $10/ ton of CO2e avoided.


Jens Cuntze, President of Clariant Catalysts, commented, “Most chemicals and fuels undergo at least one catalytic stage during industrial production which is why catalysts play a crucial role in the productivity and profitability of the chemical process our they are applied in as well as in sustainability. At Clariant, our broad catalyst portfolio, combined with tailored solutions and strong process partnerships, achieve impactful emission reductions for our customers.”


Additional catalytic innovations recently announced by Clariant include “green” technologies for methanol and ammonia production, which not only open new pathways for renewable feedstocks but also energy sources, particularly in maritime transport.


The company has also developed catalysts for the efficient production of blue (low carbon) hydrogen, used for the safe and effective capture and sequestration of carbon to permanently remove CO2 for storage or further use.


Through existing and future technologies, Clariant is committed to developing innovative catalytic solutions that enable customers to operate their plants more efficiently, with reduced CO2 emissions. The reduction of more than 35 million tons of CO2e in 2022 reflects Clariant’s vision to help its customers in the transition toward global climate neutrality.

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Catalyst Clariant

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