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AMP introduces AI-enabled automated sortation and integrated facility solution

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-05-15 Editor :JK

AMP Robotics Corp., a pioneer in AI, robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, now offers a complete line of AI-powered automation solutions for materials recovery facilities (MRFs), along with a standalone, integrated facility solution to expand recycling infrastructure.


“As demand for automation in the waste industry continues to grow, we’ve expanded our capabilities to provide customers with solutions for both new and existing recycling facilities alike,” said Matanya Horowitz, founder and CEO of AMP Robotics.


“We’ve gained invaluable experience from developing best-in-class technology and deploying hundreds of systems globally, and the modern recycling infrastructure we’re creating through retrofit solutions and facility expansion is helping more economically recover valuable commodities and increase recycling rates.”


New compact robotic sortation solution


AMP Cortex-C is a compact version of AMP’s industry-leading AI-guided robotics system that adapts to space constraints and brings the company’s AI expertise and robot technology to more facility locations.


Cortex-C is a small-footprint, easy-to-install robot designed to provide MRFs and plastic reclamation facilities (PRFs) with a consistent, reliable sortation solution for tight locations that are hard to staff or where existing labor could be redistributed. 


AMP offers a complete line of AI-powered automation solutions for materials recovery facilities.

It leverages AMP’s robot technology and gripping innovation, unmatched AI for object recognition, and patented control software consistent with AMP Cortex units. The system shares the robustness, reliability, and experiential learning of AI gained from a global fleet of more than 300 installations and fits into additional locations to expand sortation points and material recovery within facilities. 


Cortex-C is adaptable to an array of conveyor belt sizes, angles, and configurations, without the need for costly retrofits or downtime. AMP completes installations over the course of a weekend with on-site support.


It shares parts and components with the standard Cortex system, with similarly minimal service expectations to streamline the fleet within a facility. Like AMP’s other solutions, Cortex-C is backed by the company’s dedicated service and support teams.


AI-driven improvements in targeting and robotic gripping reliability


Along with Cortex-C, AMP is also rolling out breakthrough AI innovations to further increase recovery performance and reliability. The company’s new AI - Advanced Targeting (AT) algorithms leverage machine learning to determine the optimal grip area for each item its system identifies, based on the object’s discrete material features and condition.


This ability to target and guide a robot to the desired grip area increases yield by learning to avoid creases, holes, and other difficult-to-grasp locations on objects.


Similar to AMP’s AI for identification of material type, these algorithms learn from experience across the fleet and adapt to new gripping technologies. These AI-driven software advancements will be available for all Cortex and Cortex-C units.


Cortex and Cortex-C are among AMP’s portfolio of recycling solutions powered by its industry-leading neural network, which has recognized more than 75 billion containers and packaging types in real-world conditions annually.


The portfolio of sorting automation enables AMP to extend its technical and service capabilities.

AMP Vision is a modular computer vision system that helps operators understand material flow throughout key stages of sorting operations. When integrated with AMP Clarity, the company’s portal for recycling data and insights and robot optimization, users can monitor real-time material characterization and performance measurement throughout a facility.


AMP Vortex is an AI-powered automation solution designed to tackle film contamination and improve recovery of film and flexible packaging. Combined, AMP’s technology suite can tackle the majority of non-automated sorting stations in a MRF, all dropping in without a significant retrofit to existing infrastructure.


Integrated AI-powered facility solution


The strength of AMP’s AI platform, which powers the company’s range of offerings for existing MRFs, also enables AMP to extend its capabilities to a comprehensive facility solution.


The company’s pilot of secondary sortation facilities - AMP economically processes recyclable mixed plastics, paper, and metals sourced from residue supplied by primary MRFs and other material providers—allowed it to incubate and improve its model for new recycling infrastructure.


For nearly three years, AMP has been actively testing the capabilities of AI and automation to direct facility design, with a focus on dramatically lowering the cost of recycling while maximizing yields in terms of both recovery and quality.


The company is applying its experience and learnings in secondary sortation to next-generation facilities the company will design, build out, operate, and service for customers. These facilities will target single-stream and secondary feedstocks. 

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