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(Focus) Polymer Innovation Triumphs in Medical Development

CHINAPLAS 2024: Gneuss’ new range of OMNI machines for closed-loop recycling

Polyplastics’ DURANEX PBT selected for electric motorcycle battery packs


Coperion optimizes laboratory extruder design for greater flexibility and safety

HASCO offers hot runner with Primezone control unit and OPC UA interface

BOY to present two small injection molding machines at CHINAPLAS 2024


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ASEAN: The Next Manufacturing Hub

Innovative and Sustainable Packaging

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CHINAPLAS 2023 Focus

News Videos

5L Full Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Plastic raffia bag wasching recycling line

630mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Conference Videos

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】Meusburger: More efficient and very accurate temperature control systems guarantees your success in moulding industry.

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】HPF: High-performance fillers used in Thermalset polymers and special high temperature plastic to improve thermal conductivities and reinforcement.

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】Covestro: Expands Sustainability Solutions for Healthcare Industry


(Bilingual subtitles) 【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Guofeng Wang, President of Henan Tuoren Zhongke Medical Technology Co., Ltd

(Bilingual subtitles) 【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Professor Bin Li , Donghua University

(Bilingual subtitles)【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Previous Midea Material expert Mr.Fei

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Cumulative no. of visitors to CHINAPLAS 2023 is over 220,000! Check out these live exhibitor interviews

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-04-19 Editor :VC
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The third show day (Apr 19) of CHINAPLAS 2023 continued to welcome huge crowd of visitors. According to the organizer, the number of visitors for the third show day is 61,632 in which 13.26% come from overseas.


The cumulative number of visitors to CHINAPLAS 2023 is 227,681 for the first three days, representing an increase of about 60% when compared with the CHINAPLAS held in Shenzhen two years ago.  

WeChat 圖片_20230419233104_320.jpg

Day 3_320.jpg

WeChat 圖片_20230419233213.jpg

At the fairground, TechHub@CPRJ Live Streaming continues to talk with exhibitors about the hot topics of the plastics and rubber industry. Sacn the QR code below to check out the onsite interviews. 


Meusburger presents innovative hot runner controller


Among its exhibits, Meusburger emphasized the profiTEMP+ hot runner controller. It works with TC boxes to reduce the number of temperature-sensing cables from the mold to the thermostat by up to 50%. The integrated setting guide makes set up process easier and enables temperature control accuracy to be as fine as 0.1 degrees.


Besides, profiTEMP+ is equipped with a “Mold Check” function that can comprehensively detect possible problems in the circuit, reducing unnecessary downtime. Hot runner glue leakage, for example, can be found out without additional equipment, and it can be detected when the glue leakage reaches 3 grams.


Zhiyong Lu, Regional Manager of East China, Meusburger Mould and Die (Wuxi) Co., Ltd introduces profiTEMP+ as well as other exhibits.


Nitin Sanan, Senior Manager - Operations at Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG shares the recent development of the company in China. 

Newest battenfeld-cincinnati extruder on display


battenfeld-cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems Ltd. unveils its STARextruder for the first time in China. Generally, the hygroscopic characteristics of PET during extrusion may lead to lower product quality. STARextruders, therefore, is designed to offer good conditions for high product quality thanks to the effective high-vacuum degassing with the proven planetary roller system.


The extruder handles a wide range of materials, and its output can reach 600-1,200 kg/h. It features low operation and maintenance costs, increased flexibility by saving drying times, and energy savings through significant reduction of drying costs.


Kevin Xue, Sales Director at battenfeld-cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems Ltd. talks about the STARextruders.


DEKUMA introduces ultra-high-precision machine


DEKUMA Rubber and Plastic Technology (Donghuan) Ltd showcased lots of its latest equipment at its booth, including DKM-RC40Se rubber injection molding machine commonly used in the corner connection of automobile rubber seal strip, DKM-RV50 full automation rubber injection machine for skeleton oil seal, DKM-EQY450 PE pipe haul off and cutting machine, and DKM-EQY032 high-speed traction cutting machine.


The advantage of DKM-RC40Se is that its ultra-high-precision injection volume can reach ±0.02g, which meets the strict requirements of new energy vehicles for the corner connection of the seal strip. This makes DEKUMA’s products an alternative to the imported equipment.


Interview with Huoliang Chen, Overseas Sales Manager at DEKUMA Rubber and Plastic Technology (Donghuan) Ltd.

Meanwhile, the corrugated pipe forming machine with vacuum stability and fast cooling is the flagship product of Dekuma. Harlem Chen, Overseas Sales Manager, Dekuma Rubber and Plastic Technology (Dongguan) Ltd. explained that the machine ensures uniform and stable layering of multi-layer pipes.


Nylon multi-layer composite pipes can effectively reduce environmental pollution caused by automotive emissions and meet higher environmental requirements, with EVOH or fluoroplastic as the interlayer material.


“Dekuma focuses on segmented markets which is the core development direction of the company, covering communication pipe production lines, multi-layer composite pipes production lines for automobiles, rubber track machines, etc.”, he said. “In the future, Dekuma will continue to explore more segmented markets, especially those dominated by overseas machines.”


Harlem Chen, Overseas Sales Manager, Dekuma Rubber and Plastic Technology (Dongguan) Ltd.

Xinda Advanced Materials launches new impact modifier

Xinda launched a new type of impact modifier for PVC hard products at CHINAPLAS 2023. It provides a wide variety of added functions and is suitable for different sectors, such as pipe, profile, cable, shoe material, medical, etc.


Xinda not only insists to research and develop new stabilizers and impact modifiers, but also to overcome technical barriers for additives highly dependent on imports in China, striving to achieve technology localization, said Yongxu Qiu, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Xinda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


He noticed that the plastic industry is accelerating its transformation towards high-end, intelligent, and green production, therefore, the R&D and manufacturing of plastics additives are also closely following the development pace of the industry.


Yongxu Qiu, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Xinda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. talks about the industry trends. 

Dexin Mold & Steel strives to be integrated mold base supplier

Dexin Mold & Steel showcases its high-precision mold base at the exhibition. Combining the three core dimensions "intelligent production", "intelligent management", and "intelligent service", the company strive to be an intelligent integrated mold base supplier via digitalization, heavy R&D investment, and establishing a flexible production line.


The company has adopted digital and intelligent production throughout the entire process from raw materials to finished products, reducing labor costs, achieving high accuracy and consistent tolerances, and improving product quality and performance.


Hongliang Chen, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Dexin Mold & Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. explains the company development.

More updates at CHINAPLAS FOCUS:

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