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(Focus) Polymer Innovation Triumphs in Medical Development

CHINAPLAS 2024: Gneuss’ new range of OMNI machines for closed-loop recycling

Polyplastics’ DURANEX PBT selected for electric motorcycle battery packs


Coperion optimizes laboratory extruder design for greater flexibility and safety

HASCO offers hot runner with Primezone control unit and OPC UA interface

BOY to present two small injection molding machines at CHINAPLAS 2024


  • Round Table at Fakuma 2023: “Plastic – Recyclable Rather Than Problem Material!”

  • ArabPlast 2023 – The Success Journey Continues………..

  • GREAT NEWS! INAPA 2023 IS COMING BACK 24 - 26 May 2023 at JIExpo Jakarta, Indonesia


Industry And Market

ASEAN: The Next Manufacturing Hub

Innovative and Sustainable Packaging

Recycling and Circular Economy

Exhibition And Conference

K 2022 FOCUS


CHINAPLAS 2023 Focus

News Videos

5L Full Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Plastic raffia bag wasching recycling line

630mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Conference Videos

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】Meusburger: More efficient and very accurate temperature control systems guarantees your success in moulding industry.

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】HPF: High-performance fillers used in Thermalset polymers and special high temperature plastic to improve thermal conductivities and reinforcement.

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】Covestro: Expands Sustainability Solutions for Healthcare Industry


(Bilingual subtitles) 【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Guofeng Wang, President of Henan Tuoren Zhongke Medical Technology Co., Ltd

(Bilingual subtitles) 【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Professor Bin Li , Donghua University

(Bilingual subtitles)【Walk with industry expert】Interview with Previous Midea Material expert Mr.Fei

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This webinar will focus on: 1. Causes of black spots and fault phenomena 2. ASACLEAN's effect on removing black spots and its use 3. Customer practical case sharing
The webinar aims to promote participation of vsitors at SACMI booth at Chinaplas though a look at the products portfolio that will be shown at the exhibition and an overview of SACMI approach to digitalization applied to its latest technologies
This webinar will focus on: 1. Methodology introduction on how to research and analyze "sustainability" in CMF filed 2. CMF design proposal for "sustainability" under eastern and western culture
This webinar will focus on: 1. Covestro's hyper chemical resistant polycarbonates portfolio introduction 2. Covestro's hyper chemical resistant polycarbonates application and test introduction 3. Covestro's hyper chemical resistant polycarbonates case study
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In this Webinar, you can: Learn more about benefits of hot runner controls for all kinds of moulding Discuss with our experts about the application of hot runner controls in different fields, such as automotive, packaging and others. Unlock more cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing tips.
1). Introduction of HPF- a globally major filler supplier and product portfolio; 2). RESCOFIL® for odor absorption filler in recyclate plastics; 3). SILATHERM® for thermal conductive applications based on different minerals: cover 1-4 W/mK, better flowability, improve mechanical properties, flame retardancy etc. 4). TREMIN® 939 used for structural adhesive to improve the performance;
SACMI develops multi-material packaging solutions to meet the needs of beverages and food producers all over the globe. The products presented in the webinar are vision inspection equipment for different kinds of caps closures and PET preforms. We want to show how Sacmi shifts in thinking from product (caps, preforms) inspection to process control; WHAT are our technical-technological proposals in the fields of inspection and HOW we implement them by bringing the customer PROFIT.
Covestro's seminar will introduce expanded healthcare RE CQ renewable portfolio, made possible by the substituted bio-circular raw materials, attributed by mass-balancing method, enabling OEMs to design their products in a more sustainable manner.
What attributes make polycarbonate (PC) an extremely attractive choice in material selection? Various factors to consider during component design. Best practices from resin pellets to finished components, including process equipment and functionality. How to troubleshoot and eliminate defects? Sharing successful examples of polycarbonate (PC) applications.
How can we prevent plastics from being leaked into the ocean, rivers and other water bodies? Can recycled plastics be used in food contact applications? How do I create a circular economy for plastics? Are you struggling with these challenges? Join us at the upcoming webinar to discuss how we can work together to address some of these challenges together. SABIC offers a unique combination of industry expertise and broad portfolio with a lower carbon footprint that can help you achieve sustainability goals, and enable circularity. Key Highlights: • Plastic Waste Issues and its Challenges • SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ as Sustainable Polymer Solution • Highlight of SABIC’s successful collaborations in circular economy for plastics in Asia region • SABIC Technology and Innovation capabilities
Through this webinar, you will have the opportunity to: 1 Introduction to technical features, application advantages and case studies of Wittmann COMBIMOULD® 2 Details for configurations from different combination of injection units and transfer processes
Through this webinar, you will have the opportunity to: •Gain knowledge of the key characteristics of PLASTRON® LFT. •Acquire extensive applications in automotive, electronics and electrical, sports equipment, furniture, construction materials, industrial components, etc. •Explore the critical points for product design and injection moulding processes.
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