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FORVIA and BYD open new seat assembly plant in Thailand

Innovia launches ultra-low density film for ice cream flow wrap packaging

BOPP film demand remains strong in consumer habit change, reports AMI


Borouge, ADNOC, Borealis and Wanhua Chemical to develop polyolefins complex in China

China’s big names in blow molding machinery

BASF launches PU for fully recyclable synthetic leather


  • Round Table at Fakuma 2023: “Plastic – Recyclable Rather Than Problem Material!”

  • ArabPlast 2023 – The Success Journey Continues………..

  • GREAT NEWS! INAPA 2023 IS COMING BACK 24 - 26 May 2023 at JIExpo Jakarta, Indonesia


Industry Topic

ASEAN: The Next Manufacturing Hub

Innovative and Sustainable Packaging

Recycling and Circular Economy


CHINAPLAS 2024 Focus

CHINAPLAS 2023 Focus

Exhibition Topic


K 2022 FOCUS

News Videos

ALPLA: Creative design for Bottle to Bottle

TechHub@CPRJ: Nouryon at CHINAPLAS 2024

TechHub@CPRJ: Explores new plastic recycling solutions

Conference Videos

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】Chem-Trend:Brushing the Screw Teeth - Prevention and Cleaning of Carbon Contamination in Plastic Processing

【Mandarin session:Webinar playback】HUSKY: How demand for recycled PET is growing globally and the optimal way to integrate it into your packaging

12th Edition CPRJ Plastics in Packaging Conference & Showcase

Product Videos

High speed Single/Double wall corrugated pipe line & Solid wall pipe line

PLASTAR five layer film blowing machine

Anti-static PET masterbatch


Playback TECHHUB@CPRJ Live Streaming for CHINAPLAS


Playback 5th Edition CHINAPLAS x CPRJ Plastics Recycling and Circular Economy Conference and Showcase

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This webinar will focus on: 1. Covestro's edical Low-Friction Makrolon® Polycarbonates portfolio introduction 2. Covestro's edical Low-Friction Makrolon® Polycarbonates application and test introduction
1. Cost and operational advantages of adopting circular practices 2. Key materials in circular packaging (including rPET and emerging bioplastics) 3. How to design recycled food and beverage packaging 4. Sustainable bottle cap selection strategy to enable packaging solutions to meet future challenges 5. Optimization and simplification of production processes aimed at improving efficiency 6. How Husky’s technology can help you succeed in the field of sustainability
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This webinar will share: 1, In-depth analysis of common challenges in plastics processing (e.g., color change, material change and carbonization) and their solutions 2, Tips for using screw cleaning materials in different industries and processing (such as injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and blown film, etc.) 3, Chem-Trend's Ultra Purge food-certified and recyclable screw cleaning material, solving pain points while maintaining equipment condition 4. Online evaluation of cleaning costs for color and material changeovers in production.
1. Recyclable PET concept and rPET application areas 2. Global and regional trends driving the use of rPET in packaging 3. Progress of innovation for rPET in all packaging categories around the world 4. Challenges and effective methods related to rPET 5. Creating sustainable packaging with rPET, lightweighting and tethered caps 6. HUSKY's new R&D achievements
This webinar will focus on: 1. Covestro's High Heat Resistant Copolycarbonate portfolio introduction 2. Covestro's High Heat Resistant Copolycarbonate application and test introduction
This webinar will focus on: 1. Methodology introduction on how to research and analyze "sustainability" in CMF filed 2. CMF design proposal for "sustainability" under eastern and western culture
1. Requirements and concepts of LSR injection molding 2. How does LSR injection molding differ from traditional thermoplastic injection molding 3. The advantages of no runner injection molding, as well as the advantages of reducing waste through Cold Deck technology 4. Key elements and unique characteristics that need to be considered in the design of cold runner systems in order to successfully operate no runner molding
1. Variable die temperature quenching and quenching technology is used to shorten the forming cycle of optical products 2. Recycling of materials that have never been used before in the field of optical molding 3. Show a new optical field to reduce production cost solutions
The webinar aims to promote participation of vsitors at SACMI booth at CHINAPLAS though a look at the products portfolio that will be shown at the exhibition and an overview of SACMI approach to digitalization applied to its latest technologies
Moldintel's intelligent cloud injection molding solutions: 1. Improve the factory talent gap and assist in the systematization of on-site manufacturing experience, reduce the threshold of injection molding machine; 2. Through the continuous use of feedback and system AI iterative update, effectively reduce the cost of trial mold; 3. Mass production monitoring through the application of sensors to stabilize mass production capacity and yield; 4. Through the industrial Internet of Things and machine connection, to create a fully unmanned adaptive adjustment of injection molding process, flip the traditional manufacturing model; 5. Improve the unnecessary waste caused by the empirical trial and error method in the past, as well as the problem that there are many factions and new personnel are not easy to learn quickly, so as to minimize the problems caused by the lack of on-site work and the broken chain of experience transmission.
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