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Arburg celebrates 100th anniversary with open house in Pinghu factory

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-09-25 Editor :VC, RC
Copyright: Original work. Please do not reprint.

“100 years of the Hehl family company” celebration and “Facing the future” open house event was held in last week (21-22 September) at Arburg’s factory in Pinghu, Zhejiang, China.


Around 300 guests, customers, and partners attended the event which featured live demonstration of machines, technical seminars on various topics, and the 100th anniversary celebration banquet.

Arburg China Open House_100th anniversary_480.jpg

Arburg China Open House_480.jpg

Arburg celebrated 100th anniversary with open house in Pinghu factory. 

Focus in high-precision injection molding


“Our goal is not to be the largest in the world, but to become a global leader in market segments,” Toni Tong, Managing Director, Arburg China, told Adsale Plastics Network in an interview.


He continued, “It is this concept that has enabled Arburg to reach its 100th anniversary, and we hope that it will help the company to reach its next 100th anniversary in the future.”


Arburg’s customized high-speed and high-precision injection molding machines are used in the high-end market segments of automotive, medical, electronics, and packaging.

Arburg injection molding machine_Allrounder 1600 T_480.jpg

Arburg Allrounder 370H_480.jpg

Arburg injection molding machines are used in high-end market segments.

These machines are particularly suitable for processing and manufacturing of small batches and multiple varieties, and the product precision reaches μ level, explained Toni Tong.


Some customers, for example, use PEEK materials for injection molding processing today, they will change to LCP tomorrow and process nylon the day after tomorrow.


“Even in some extreme application scenarios, thermoplastic materials are processed today, thermoset materials will be processed tomorrow, and LSR or ceramic powder will be processed the day after tomorrow,” said Toni Tong.


The injection molding processing of these different materials can be completed on the same Arburg injection molding machine, without switching to different special machines.

Arburg China Open House_products_480.jpg

Arburg China Open House_products_1_480.jpg

Arburg China Open House_products_2_480.jpg

Processing and manufacturing of different materials can be completed on Arburg machines.  

Localized production of some automation solutions


Despite the explosive increase of revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic, Arburg China's revenues reported a decrease in the first half of 2023. Nevertheless, Toni Tong is still optimistic about the development of China's high-end market segments.


“For example, the local automotive enterprises are striving to transform. In order to break through homogeneous competition, it is expected that the Chinese automotive industry will move towards customized automobile manufacturing, just like the trend in Europe,” he said.

Toni_Arburg China_250.jpg

Toni Tong, Managing Director, Arburg China. 

In the future, the market demand for high-precision and stable injection molding of small batches and multiple varieties will gradually increase, he added.


While Arburg currently manufactures its injection molding machines in Germany, the company every year evaluates the feasibility of localized production in China, according to Toni Tong.


Meanwhile, Arburg is manufacturing some automation solutions locally in China. The five injection molding machines on display at the open house event are equipped with automation systems manufactured in Pinghu factory, and three of the machines are equipped with the latest made-in-China Flexlift robots.


New made-in-China robot and anniversary machine shine


Five injection molding machines, all equipped with automation systems manufactured in Pinghu factory, were demonstrated running live. High efficiency and stability of the machines and systems were shown through applications of various industries:


  • Lightweighting technology – Fiber Direct Compounding (FDC)

  • Insert injection molding and complex automation used for new energy vehicles

  • LSR breathing mask

  • Injection molding, automated pickup and quality inspection of medical components

  • Injection molding and automated pickup of relay housing

hydrid Allrounder 570E_480.jpg

hydrid Allrounder 570E_LSR mask_480.jpg

An Allrounder 570 EG manufactured LSR mask with a cycle time of 60 seconds at the open house event. 

Two new products particularly attracted eyeballs of the participants – the latest Flexlift robots and the hybrid Allrounder 470H Comfort centenary anniversary machine.


Targeting the Asian markets, Flexlift is the first series of robots locally made in China. The linear robot series includes six ranges with single-arm and double-arm models, featuring loading of 5kg, 10kg, and 15kg. The high-performance vertical axis can carry out parts picking in high speed.


Through OPC UA connection and GESTICA controller, Flexlift can significantly increase operation comfortability and programming efficiency. It is also applicable in clean room.


With optimized energy consumption and shortened cycle time, the hydrid Allrounder 470H Comfort is equipped with the latest hydraulic control system.


The clamping unit is a flexible structure with precision control by the servo motor, with open and close mold operates in quiet and high speed. It brings advantages in terms of hygiene and energy reduction.

hydrid Allrounder 470H Comfort_480.jpg

hydrid Allrounder 470H Comfort_medical products_480.jpg

The hydrid Allrounder 470H Comfort demonstrated the manufacture of medical components. 


The injection molding machine produced medical components at the event, using 2+2 cavity mold, with a cycle time of 25 seconds. After the molding process, the parts were picked up by the latest Flexlift 5 robot into the inspection system.


Arburg also set up exhibits and consultation area for 3D printing, digitalization, service and automation, allowing visitors to have all-round knowledge on its products, technology and service.

Arburg_freeforming_3D printing_480.jpg

Arburg_freeforming_3D printing_1_480.jpg

 Arburg also showcased the company's 3D printing capabiliy. 

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