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CPRJ Automotive Plastics Conference hails opportunities in evolving landscape

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-11-02 Editor :VC, RC
Copyright: This article was originally written/edited by Adsale Plastics Network (, republishing and excerpting are not allowed without permission. For any copyright infringement, we will pursue legal liability in accordance with the law.

Under the theme “Innovation, cost control and sustainable development”, the 12th Edition CPRJ Plastics in Automotive Conference and Showcase was fruitfully held at the Sorl Hotel Shanghai today (November 2).


More than 500 experts from car makers as well as parts, plastics products and materials, and equipment suppliers joined the conference. During the conference, more than 44 “ConnectME” online and offline business matching meetings were conducted.






The conference was hosted by Adsale Group, organized by China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) and Adsale Plastics Network, co-organized by OE qiche, and was greatly supported by Shanghai Jiading District National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base (Auto and Parts), Molding Alliance, Shanghai Fungyan Automotive and Technology Association, Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers and CHINAPLAS.


The production capacity of China’s automotive industry has rapidly recovered this year. – Joyce Ye, Deputy Project Director from Adsale Publishing of Adsale Group

Joyce Ye_300.jpg

During her welcome speech, Joyce Ye, stated that the production capacity of China’s automotive industry has rapidly recovered in this year, both industrial value added and fixed asset investment grows rapidly.


She pointed out that for exporting, however, Chinese automotive companies has to face green challenges including “carbon tax” and “new battery regulation” imposed by the EU. With China’s aim on carbon neutrality, sustainable development topics including low carbon, recycling and lightweighting will once again become hot topics.


Collaboration and innovation across different areas are essential to promote development in the automotive industry. – Yuancong Liang, General Secretary, Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers


In his welcome speech, Yuancong Liang discussed the intelligent development direction based on consumer, vehicle, road and cloud, which has become a new consensus for intelligent vehicle. New electrical appliance structure and software-ization of automotive product have also become a new direction for automotive R&D.


Although development of automotive industry faces all kinds of uncertainty, he stated certainly that collaboration and innovation, across different areas are ultimately required to resolve uncertainties from different areas.


The automotive ecological system is evolving into a new pattern of “opening for innovation and integration”. – Guangcai Zou, Deputy General Manager, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center

NEVC_Zou Guangcai_300.jpg

“From the national strategic point of view, developing new energy automotive industry is an essential direction to achieve carbon neutrality, while automotive digitalization and electrification are important steps for e-mobility industrialization." emphasized Guangcai Zou. "For the industrial structure, boundary of automotive industry is continuously expanding and blurring, competition in the automotive sector is evolving into ‘a cooperative competition with multiple participation.”


He concluded that apart from traditional carmakers, suppliers and distributor, EIC system companies, communication technology companies, hardware and software technology companies, service providers and infrastructure companies are rapidly emerging into the automotive industry.

Collaboration across supply chain is key to achieve decarbonization


With the mission to achieve carbon neutrality, low carbon emission and sustainable development are crucial for high quality development for China’s automotive industry. Through collaboration across supply chain between automotive and parts manufacturers and material and equipment suppliers, the industry contributes greatly on reducing emission and decarbonization from improving design, material choosing and processing.


Recyclable yarn and PET are used for foot pads and base carpet. – Zihang Yu, Interior Engineer, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.

Benz_Yu Zihang_480.jpg

Zihang Yu analyzed the development trend of exterior parts of Beijing Benz from the perspectives of low carbon emissions, environmentally friendliness, and comfort and intelligence. As an important production base for Mercedes Benz’s passenger cars around the world, BBAC achieves low carbon transformation from parts manufacturing and production process.


With the process of extraction, depolymerization and reaggregation, disposed yarn from used fishnets and textile material are processed into recyclable ECONYL Yarn for making foot pads. 

BBAC plans to switch this recyclable yarn for the foot pads for next car model. Furthermore, the company also used 100% recyclable PET for making non-woven fabric and base carpet.


Brose’s focus on sustainable development sets its target for achieving carbon neutrality by 2039. – Yuanyuan Li, Plastic Expert, Brose China Co., Ltd.

Brose_Li Yuanyuan_480.jpg


Brose introduced material solutions with recycled contents to fulfil carmakers’ demands on sustainable material and low carbon emission. Through research and development with raw material supplier, the company developed material with recycled content for door panel, which is certified and used for mass production. The material has reduced about 35% of emission in its product life cycle.


Solar cells for vehicle offer a list of advantages, including cool outlook and high energy efficiency. – Wei Zhu, Applied Engineering Manager, Maxeon

MAXN_Zhu Wei_480.jpg


Zhu introduced that the Singaporean-company is the producer of photovoltaic components for two major brands Maxeon and SunPower. He listed the advantage of solar cells for vehicle integrated photovoltaic (VIPV), including enabling outstanding outlook of vehicle, providing high efficient energy for new energy vehicles, and facilitating welding automation and miniaturization of decorative parts. 

Foreign solar vehicle startups, such as Aptera, Lightyear and Sono, have already utilized curved solar cells for transforming renewal solar energy into electricity.

Berry Ace offers a range of innovative processing for the sustainable development of China’s automotive industry. – Jingang Liu, General Manager, Berry Ace

Berry Ace_Liu Jingang_480.jpg

Jingang Liu introduced a range of one-stop solutions and value-added processing that facilitate sustainable development of automotive industry in China, including Berry Ace's IML/IME processing, plating and spray painting that are used in interior and exterior decorative process in vehicle.

Development of sustainable automotive technology not only focuses on high performance of vehicle, but also user experience, including comfort and hygiene of vehicle. – Zhi Li, Senior Expert, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

Geely_Li Zhi_300.jpg

Zhi Li said that development of sustainable automotive technology has strong connection with anti-bacterial and fungal seating, electromagnetic cleaned seating and soundproof cabin with fresh air.

Geely achieves technological development through air quality control within the cabin, anti-bacterial and fungal control, choice of environmentally friendly material, design with electromagnetic radiation protection, NVH and exterior material with acoustics packaging design.

He also added that the company’s ESG strategical plan on building an innovative ecology for sustainable intelligent vehicle focuses on six major direction, including climate neutral, beneficial to nature, all-round safety, digitalization and innovation, co-development, and moral and governance.


Integrated green packaging solutions can help automotive industry achieve carbon neutrality. – Yanjian Duan, General Manager, Beijing XinyaLvlian Technology Co., Ltd.

XinyaLvlian_Duan Yuanjian_480.jpg


Yanjian Duan shared the ways for integrated green packaging solution achieving carbon neutrality in automotive industry, including specialized packaging for new energy batteries, replacing corrugated box with hoarding box and EPP liner, 4-ways pallet for easy loading and transport, pellet with EPP liner for buffer, hoarding for packaging and load bearing can reduce carbon emission during battery transport. 

STAR offers a range of certified recyclable plastic and functional engineering plastic. – Bruce Hsu, Sales Director, Star Advanced Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

STAR_Bruce Hsu_480.jpg

Bruce Hsu stated that STAR provides a range of certified recyclable plastics with different grades and recycled content to help achieve sustainable target, including pre-consumption, post-consumption, electronic product, ocean plastic recycling and bio-based material.

Furthermore, the company also provides low odor plastic, Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) engineering plastic and a whole series of LDS functional engineering plastics. LDS engineering plastic fits development tred for mechanical and electrical engineering.


Vehicle emission can be reduced through innovative injection molding technology. – Sunny Sun, Strategic Integrated Solutions Director, Rosti Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Rosti_Sunny Sun_300.jpg


Sunny Sun introduced how Rosti reduces vehicle emission through innovative injection molding technology. The proprietary RHCM technology eliminates second surface processing for glossy product appearance, reducing assembling process and enhancing scratch and wear resistance.


He added that compared with traditionally injection molded painted parts, parts made using RHCM technology reduces CO2 emission by more than 40%. If parts are made with RHCM technology and recycled resin, CO2 emission can be reduced up to more than 80%.


Automotive material focuses more on lightweight, environmental protection and comfortability. – Hui Wang & Yujie Liu, Application Development and Technical Service Engineer, LyondellBasell Polyolefin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


The two speakers indicated that under the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of automotive material increasingly focuses on lightweight (replacing steel with plastic), environmental protection (less odor and volatile organic compounds) and comfortability. 

To adapt to this trend, LyondellBasell offers a range of low contraction, anti-shrinking, translucent, low total volatile organic compounds, circular and low carbon emission solutions.


Dirty recycled water brings negative impact to injection molding facilities. – Yuqin Duan, Sales Director, Dongguan Jinggong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.


Yuqin Duan pointed out that cooling water for injection mold easily gets rusty, which leads to clogged waterlines, longer molding time and higher chance for defective products. Limescale is also easily resulted in mold temperature controller, which leads to problems including energy waste.


Jinggong Automation developed a new generation of intelligent prevention and processing system for recycled water, which can effectively prevent water from rusting and limescaling for decades.

Jinggong_Duan Yuqin_480.jpg


Overcome homogenized competition with intelligent exterior and interior design 

Comfortability and cool outlook are the key factors to break through homogenized competition in vehicles. From digital grille, intelligent seating, vehicle wireless communication to steering wheel HMI systems, carmakers are building unique driving experience by improving design, material and production process. 


Digital grille can provide multiple function and improve assisted driving. – Dedong Li, Expert in Car Body Design, Bestune

Bestune_Li Dedong_300.jpg

Dedong Li explained that intelligent digital grille provides possibility to achieve multi-function of “brand display, interaction between driver and vehicle, decoration and lighting”.


He added that OEM, traditional grille and headlight manufacturers enhance product strength through using digital grille, with technological and interactive sense. At the same time, electronic products, including sensor, LiDAR and camera, are integrated into digital grille, which improved assisted driving. These help realize the transformation from traditional to intelligent and digital driving.

Compounding materials fit for different automotive applications and provides a list of advantages compared to metal parts. – Weidong Shen, Senior Director, SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co.,Ltd.

Volkswagen_Shen Weidong_480.jpg

Weidong Shen mentioned that compounding materials are increasingly applied to body, chassis, EIC systems, interior and exterior, and electrical appliances. For example, the use of compounding materials for producing front axle beam allows simplified structural design and functional integration, reducing the number of parts and assembling process, enabling easy installation, disassembling and repair.

The materials also deliver better sound insulation and noise reduction compared to metal parts, with better resistance to corrosion and a 40% reduction in weight.

Unique driving experience sets new standard for high-performance electric vehicles. – Can Wang, Senior Manager of Smart Cockpit Product and Interaction, IM


Can Wang described IM’s L7 as a high-end intelligent brand by the collaboration of SAIC Motor, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Ali. With unique “Snake Move” driving experience, the vehicle sets a new standard for high-performance intelligent electric vehicle in terms of dynamic response, steadiness and braking.


He highlighted that IM’s LS6 intelligent driving and seating are based on Linux Kernel, which enables full integration between intelligent driving and cabin. LS6’s high-performance platform with 900V allows charging for 500km in 15 minutes.

Electric vehicle is expected to lead the large-scale implementation of new processing and new design. – Lizhong Li, R&D Director, Shanghai Amphenol Airwave Communication Electronics Co., Ltd.


Lizhong Li said that with the rapid deployment of various cellular and non-cellular frequency bands in vehicles, the demand for new in-vehicle wireless communication and sensing has been increasing. Examples are smart cockpit, ultra-wideband keyless door, and millimeter wave radar.


As the wireless communication industry is expanding to higher frequency bands, materials commonly used in the communications industry may not necessarily be suitable for the automotive industry. Electric vehicle is expected to lead the large-scale implementation of new processing and new design, he added.

Intelligent exterior can enhance the aesthetic of an intelligent vehicle. – Yinan Hu, Technical expert of Material R&D Center, Minth Group Limited

Minth_Hu Yinan_300.jpg

Yinan Hu talked about plastic application on intelligent exterior of vehicle. He stated that features of intelligent vehicle include intelligent exterior design that enhances aesthetic, such as automated function, HMI and automated control, illuminated grille, illuminated logo, intelligent tailgate and penetrating light.

Automotive lighting has shifted from basic function to user-oriented. – Zhiping Chou, Expert in Lighting System Development & Optical Evaluation, Hasco Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Hasco Vision_Chou Zhiping_480.jpg

Zhiping Chou pointed out that automotive lighting in future will be innovative in terms of interaction, characterization, technology and aesthetic. Hasco Vision provides interactive signal light, digitalized lighting and display system, headlights with styling and split type, CMS digital rearview mirror, high brightness signal light, hidden signal light and colored display business line to meet the growing technological demand.

The main development trend of steering wheel HMI is multi-functional. – Ruigang Sang, Deputy General Manager, R&D, Shanghai East Joylong Motor Airbag Co., Ltd.

East Joylong_Sang Ruigang_480.jpg


Ruigang Sang’s presentation focused on the trend of steering wheel HMI. As told, the main development trend is “multi-functional” – functions such as button touch, smart light strip, screen display, etc. are included.


At the same time, material for steering wheel is developing towards structural plastics, such as TPO, TPE, TPEE, PU, PP, PA6, PC+ABS, PC, etc. The demand for smart surface materials, including conductive cloth, optical materials, light guide strips, and microfibers, is also increasing.


He also mentioned that plastics with steel structures as well as materials with self-contained surface are also favored by carmakers and parts manufacturers.

Wanhua Chemical offers a range of innovative material solution for automotive optical parts. – Shaojie Wang, Marketing Application Development Manager, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Wanhua_Wang Shaojie_480.jpg

Shaojie Wang introduced Wanhua Chemical’s innovative material solutions for automotive, including modified PP material with low atomization value and outstanding resistance to heat and oxygen aging that can be used to produce parts such as headlight housing.

Other innovative materials from the company can be used for automotive optical parts such as light strip and lens.

Multi-color injection and thick-wall processing help reduce costs and increase production efficiency for automotive lighting manufacture. – Zhen Jin, Injection Moulding Engineer, Hella Bhap (Tianjin) Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd.

Hella Bhap_Jin Zhen_480.jpg


With the improvement of chips and artificial intelligence, automotive lighting has become more intelligent and beautiful, said Zhen Jin. Meanwhile, multi-color injection and thick-wall processing help reduce costs and increase production efficiency.


For example, the combination of "vertical injection molding machine + large turntable + multiple sets of molds" and the 2,700T large injection molding machine can realize the creativity of automotive lighting designers through ingenious technology.


Combimould multi-component injection molding technology brings the advantages of higher quality and more cost-effective production. – Allen Huang, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Wittmann Battenfeld (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Wittmann_Huang Meng_480.jpg


Allen Huang introduced Wittmann Battenfeld’s Combimould multi-component injection molding technology, which is suitable for multi-color, composite materials, soft contact of rigid and flexible materials, in-mold assembly, in-mold fitting of seals, sandwich injection molding, etc.


Combimould brings the advantages of higher quality and more cost-effective production. It can be adopted in automotive, E&E, and other sectors as well as various technical components.


Integrated ceiling molding process offers various advantages. – Shaozhang Xiong, Manager, Nningbo LKIMM Co., Ltd.

LKIMM_Xiong Shaozhang_480.jpg


According to Shaozhang Xiong, integrated ceiling molding process offers various advantages. As the structure uses integrated injection molding of fabric and plastic substrate, the amount of glue used is greatly reduced, thereby improving sustainability.


In addition, LKIMM divides the main body of the ceiling into two parts to overcome the difficulty of injection molding large-area parts. During the process, the two parts are separately injection molded to reduce the difficulty of injection molding and improve the yield rate.


Safety and mileage to be further improved


Safety and extended mileage are key factors that influence consumers to purchase new energy vehicles. As the electrification of new energy vehicles accelerates, electric drive systems are becoming more high-voltage, miniaturized and highly integrated, which poses new challenges to the manufacture of functional components.


The mileage of new energy vehicles can be extended by reducing vehicle weight and speeding up charging. – Dr. Yuehua Peng, Director of Exterior & Interior Dept., SAIC Research and Innovation Headquarters

SAIC_Peng Yuehua_300.jpg


Dr. Yuehua Peng pointed out that the mileage of new energy vehicles can be extended by reducing vehicle weight and speeding up charging.


The lightweight of interior and exterior trims can be achieved through high-sensitivity design (the removal of PU coating on door trim panels, map pocket inner panels and lower guards, etc.) and material technology improvements (thin-wall injection molding, foaming, low-density technology, replacing steel with plastic, etc.).


He also added that parts integration design (bumper assembly integrating mounting bracket function, adjustment of CNSL skeleton structure, digging of holes, elimination of rear seat metal back panel, etc.) can also realize lightweighting.


In the process of industrializing fuel cell technology, the industry faces many challenges. – Terry Wang, Expert, E-mobility China, Shanghai MANN+HUMMEL Filter Co., Ltd.

MannHummel_Wang Shuihua_300.jpg


Terry Wang remarked that there are four major trends for energy - declining use of fossil energy, rapid expansion of renewable energy, increasing electrification, and increasing use of low-carbon hydrogen.


In the process of industrializing fuel cell technology, the industry faces many challenges, such as safety, cost, vehicle durability, etc. This requires better protection of the battery pack.


MANN+HUMMEL offers a series of filtration solutions to protect the pack, such as reducing the cost of LT-PEM fuel cell systems, cathode air filters, water separators, etc.

New energy vehicle will have more impact on the market, which allows more innovation in related auto parts. – Richard Zhu, Director Product Portfolio & Marketing Asia, Röchling Auto Parts (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Rochling_Zhu Mingxing_300.jpg

Richard Zhu expects that new energy vehicle will increasingly penetrate into the market, which provides more development and opportunities for autopilot, intelligent connectivity and seating, lightweighting and electrification of auto parts. Human Machine Interaction will be a key to intelligent connected vehicles.

Our OnFlex TPE customized solution can be used in the manufacture of cooling pipe joints for battery packs. – Razer Ge, Marketing Manager, Specialty Engineered Materials Asia, Avient Corporation

Avient_Ge Shun_480.jpg


In his presentation, Razer Ge introduced Avient’s innovative material solutions for new energy vehicles, such as the OnFlex TPE customized solution that can be used in the manufacture of cooling pipe joints for battery packs.


The material adopts TPE formula with customized Shore 60A hardness. It has good physical properties, up to standard thermal expansion, and excellent ethylene glycol resistance. It can meet high bonding and compression requirements.

ENGEL has achieved technological innovation on producing lightweight thermoplastic auto parts. – Simon Liu, Head of Processing & Application Engineering Dept., Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

ENGEL_Liu Haitao_480.jpg

Injection molded in ENGEL duo 3200-8000, battery module of electric vehicle in the future can reach to 2.5mX1.5m, with use of PP+SGF that reaches V0 flame retardant grade housing to produce housing. Using the same or larger tons of injection molding machine, battery chassis can be made with PP LGF material with V0 flame retardant grade.


Topic Salons were also arranged at the conference for brainstorming. 

Group Photo_480.jpg

Group photo.

Concurrent up-to-date technical solution showcase

There were more than 40 machinery and material suppliers that showcased their up-to-date solutions and technologies, which increase the production efficiency and sustainability of the automotive industry.





A wide array of automotive parts and processing machinery were displayed at the solution showcase.  

Some exhibitors were the following:


Star Advanced Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd.


Rosti Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Wittmann Battenfeld (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Nningbo LKIMM Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Jinggong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.


LyondellBasell Polyolefin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Avient Corporation


Jwell Machinery


Multitech Machinery


Zhejiang Sonly Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Lizhu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Huri Tech_480.jpg

Suzhou Herui Technology Co., Ltd.

Host, organizers, co-organizers, and supporters:


Diamond sponsors:


Gold sponsors:


Showcase sponsors:



Other sponsor:


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