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Editor’s picks: 5 noteworthy trends from Fakuma 2023

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2023-11-13 Editor :VC
Copyright: This article was originally written/edited by Adsale Plastics Network (, republishing and excerpting are not allowed without permission. For any copyright infringement, we will pursue legal liability in accordance with the law.

As Fakuma 2023 brought down the curtain, the editor of Adsale Plastics Network concluded five technological and market trends of the plastics industry uncovered by the exhibition. 


1. Game-changing: DC technology for injection molding machines


One of the innovative technologies that caught the attention of our editor at the Fakuma fairgrounds was using direct current (DC) to power injection molding machines without inverters.


The electricity can be generated by rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels directly, which saves carbon emissions. The technology also brings the benefits of uninterrupted operation during power supply breakdowns and offsetting high energy prices.


Throwing in the fact that carbon emission reduction and high energy prices have become the main concerns of the industry, it represents an innovative machinery technology that responds to market changes.


There were two exhibits demonstrating the DC technology. Wittmann Battenfeld’s EcoPower DC made its debut at the exhibition. The machine, with a modified robot also powered by direct-current, was solely driven by sustainable solar battery. (Details)


Considering the entire system in DC operation, energy savings of 15% is possible. Wittmann Battenfeld expects the officially launch in Q3, 2024. 


Meanwhile, BOY operated the BOY 35 E with a 650V DC network. According to the onsite expert, the manufacturer has developed specific motor for the technology, and is currently working on the corresponding heating belt. (Details)




Withmann Battenfeld and BOY debuted the DC technology for injection molding machines at Fakuma 2023.


2. Trendsetting: All-electric machine + IML for thin wall packaging


A number of injection molding machine manufacturers highlighted their latest in-mold labeling (IML) applications for show presence. ENGEL and Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, among others, demonstrated the high efficiency of all-electric machine in combination with automatic IML system for thin wall packaging.


In the demo, ENGEL’s all-electric e-motion 765/280 T produced the world's lightest 1.3-litre pail. As told, a 1.3-liter pail with a wall thickness of just 0.45mm could only be manufactured using a hybrid machine until now. The system was equipped with the new 765 injection unit for high injection speed and dynamism, and was completed with a two-cavity mold as well as an automation solution from Inmold.


Sumitomo (SHI) Demag launched the IntElectS 220, a high-speed, thin-wall packaging machine, which was designed with a cycle time of less than 4 seconds to address the challenge of energy consumption for mass packaging. Using a 4-cavity mold tool from Bazigos and integrating a side-entry robot from Campetella, the new model produced recyclable IML lids during the live presentation.

Demag_IntElect S220_1_480.jpg

The new IntElectS 220 was designed specifically to process thin wall packaging items at high speed.


3. Rising: Demand for large general purpose two-platen machine


Our editor visited a number of Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers at the exhibition. Dominik Wiesner, Head of Marketing & Communications Europe, Haitian International Germany GmbH, said in the interview that Haitian has noticed a remarkable increase in the demand for large general purpose two-platen machines, customized integrated solutions, and intelligent technology in the European market.


In view of market uncertainties, molders are more willing to invest in machines that can produce different products, explained Wiesner. They also prefer single sourcing instead of purchasing machines and systems from several suppliers, which would be costlier and more time-consuming.


On the other hand, Ümüt Topbac, Director, IMM, Yizumi Precision Machinery (Germany) GmbH, shared the company’s observation on the European medial market. First, there are higher requirements for precision in the production of medical consumables; second, the demand for laboratory machines has been rising due to increasing product R&D activities.


4. Integrating: More equipment and material supplier collaborations


Our editor was much impressed by the increased show presence of chemical and material exhibitors at the exhibition this year given that Fakuma is traditionally machinery-focused.   


Some exhibitors explained that the demands for more advanced processing technology and higher product quality result in a higher level of supply chain integration. 


According to them, buyers are now also taking into consideration the chemical and material compatibility when they purchase equipment. Therefore, they were more willing to invest in increasing show presence.


5. Upgrading: Specialty and recycled plastics for automobiles


Many chemical and material exhibitors highlighted their solutions for the automotive sector, not least new energy vehicles. As plastics has gained wider application in new energy vehicles, enormous effort is put on upgrading their properties to meet increasingly stringent fire safety regulations as well as higher lightweight requirements for longer driving range. (Details)


The leap in the technological development of electronics technology, meanwhile, has promoted the iterative upgrade of automotive interior for high-end driving and entertainment experience.


With more specific and targeted physical properties, specialty plastics are becoming the preferred alternative for metals in new energy vehicles and future mobility, an expert at Solvay told our editor.


Automotive application was in the spotlight at Solvay’s stand.


When asked about the adoption of recycled plastics in automotive application, an Asian exporter of recycled materials underlined the major challenge: quality of many recycled materials are still not up to par, especially in applications with high requirements for physical properties and surface treatment. Improved waste sorting and processing will solve the pain point, he suggested.

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