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When technology meets design and functionality

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2024-05-10 Editor :Staff Reporters
Copyright: This article was originally written/edited by Adsale Plastics Network (, republishing and excerpting are not allowed without permission. For any copyright infringement, we will pursue legal liability in accordance with the law.

The latest automotive design blends innovative decoration processing with aesthetics in the front panel and new gelcoat technology that can maintain the shiny, new look. Meanwhile, the next generation of bottle caps can sense if the milk or juice is spoiled or good, and squirt bottle caps that are spill-proof.


Innovative front panel for futuristic cars


For the vehicles of tomorrow, key topics of e-mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity and sustainability are changing the requirements for new components.


The vehicle’s front components, which primarily conceal the cutting-edge technology of self-driving cars, are becoming the central brand element of a vehicle. With this design concept in mind, LEONHARD KURZ presents its innovatively decorated automotive front panel which was awarded the “Special Mention for Front Design” at the German Design Award 2024.


The award recognizes the decorative and functional surfaces of the front panel that go in tune with the times and is shaping change in the automotive industry through future-driven, sustainable production technologies.


Automotive front panel from LEONHARD KURZ won the German Design Award 2024.


The front panel is translucent and laser-engraved with lettering and logos.


The front panel is manufactured and finished using the most advanced In-Mold Decoration (IMD) in one single work step with impressive dimensions of 1,130 (width) x 290 (height) x 160 mm (depth). Meanwhile, the smooth, connected surface is radar/LiDAR permeable, making it suitable for the car of the future.


The front panel also illustrates the diverse design possibilities of IMD technology in combination with hybrid technologies such as laser ablation (laser removal of coating areas), hot stamping or digital printing. In this example, the component is made translucent by laser engraving - lettering and logos then create unmistakable brand statements.


Backlighting effects are used not only for customization but also for communication with other road users. Different colors and animations for actions such as flashing, braking, or loading can be implemented, in addition to numerous decoration options such as day-night designs. Moreover, the front end, made from a polycarbonate base, is recyclable as a complete component.


The front cover can be customized to include an extremely resistant, self-healing DECOPUR surface. In combination with a crystalline high-gloss finish, this creates an extremely resistant surface with fantastic depth effects that perfectly accentuate the decorations underneath.


Most UV-resistant GRP face sheet for vehicles


Europe’s leading manufacturer of fiber-reinforced composites, LAMILUX Composites, presents LAMILUX Sunsation, claimed as the world’s most color- and gloss resistant glass fiber plastic (GRP) face sheet and one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of GRPs.


Using an innovative gelcoat technology, LAMILUX Sunsation is not a polish, cream or wax, but an UV protection technology that is firmly integrated into the GRP material, meaning that nothing has to be applied at a later stage.


This design achievement was awarded for the fourth consecutive time the “Special Mention” in the category “Excellent Product Design” in the German Design Award 2024.


LAMILUX Sunsation is an UV protection technology that is firmly integrated into the GRP material.


It is 2,000 percent higher UV-resistance compared to standard gelcoats, making the vehicle side wall extremely color fast, with excellent gloss retention, maintaining its brand-new look even after years in the sun.


It benefits the caravan manufacturer by significantly strengthening its brand image, while vehicle users are delighted that their investment looks like new for a very long time.


More importantly, the technology significantly reduces the care requirements of exterior applications. Surfaces with extreme gloss retention no longer need to be waxed for preventive protection or subsequent repair. This translates to 90 percent less effort and expense for waxing the vehicle.


LAMILUX Sunsation is applicable to any external application, whether it be vehicles that require the most sophisticated look, the highest impact resistance and damage tolerance or the lightest in lightweight construction. It can also combine with almost all LAMILUX products.


Smart bottle cap that functions as a freshness indicator


The Bump Cap is developed by United Caps in collaboration with Mimica. It won the GOLD accolade at the inaugural Save Food Design Awards 2023, acknowledging the cap as a significant innovation with the potential to dramatically impact global food waste.


The Bump Cap features an embedded patented gel technology which is activated upon the first opening of the beverage. Without any physical contact with beverage contents, it uses time and temperature to accurately measure when the beverage will spoil.


Its usage is simple: use the fingers to feel the surface of the cap. A smooth swipe means the beverage is still good. If the fingers feel a bumpy swipe, it means that the beverage has turned bad.

Bump cap_480.jpg

A smooth swipe on the Bump Cap means the beverage is still good. The cap can be used on most perishable products including milk and juices.


As a tactile freshness indicator that responds to temperature changes, the Bump Cap gives a greater accuracy than the traditional “best before” dates, thus extending the shelf life of perishable goods such as milk and juices, enabling the consumer to keep the beverage longer when stored correctly.


As the Bump Cap can show the true longevity of the drink and allows for a longer period of time for the beverage to be consumed, it contributes to the reduction in global food waste and carbon footprint.


Conversely, the Bump Cap can work in both ways: if the beverage gets too warm for too long, the bumps will appear to warn the consumer not to eat or drink it anymore, even if it has not past the “best before” date.


Nominated as one of the finalists in the pre-commercialized innovations category of the 2022 Sustainability Awards, the Bump Cap was originally inspired by the notion that printed dates are not accessible to people with visual impairments and that a label that changed its texture if the contents were spoiled would be more useful for everybody.


Squirt bottle caps that guarantees mess-free


ALPLA’s no-spill beverage closure is an innovative solution that only dispenses liquid by vacuum or mechanical pressure on the elastic mouthpiece. Practical, intuitive and child-friendly, it reliably protects against leaks and splashes and ensures that not a single drop is lost from the bottle.


Conversely, the innovative closure keeps the liquid reliably sealed from the inside at up to 2.7 bar bottle pressure. The no-spill closure is available in different neck finishes of nine colors, with customized colors available.


This secure valve closure system was developed by the Norwegian valve technology company SmartSeal and manufactured exclusively by ALPLA from the outset.


ALPLA’s no-spill beverage closure is available in different and customized colors.


As ALPLA has taken over all of SmartSeal tools and assembly lines from November 2023, it is now setting the course to further scale up the production of this innovative solution. At the same time, the packaging specialist is intensifying the development of new tools, reducing material consumption through optimization and investing in further product solutions.


Looking ahead, the closure will be available as a two-part sports version in the future as evaluations are currently underway.


The alternative sports version dispenses liquid immediately after the cap is opened and does not require suction or pressure on the mouthpiece, making it easier to drink during physical peak performance. Stay tuned for further developments which will be announced in early 2024.    


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