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More fruitful talks on CHINAPLAS 2024 Media Day

Source:Adsale Plastics Network Date :2024-04-22 Editor :RC
Copyright: This article was originally written/edited by Adsale Plastics Network (, republishing and excerpting are not allowed without permission. For any copyright infringement, we will pursue legal liability in accordance with the law.

CHINAPLAS 2024 Media Day continued today (April 22), with more chemical and machinery manufacturers, including Evonik, ENGEL & WINTEC, Syensqo, Wanhua, Arburg, LyondellBasell, Huafon and GENOX, presented their company’s development plan, market trends and exhibits at CHINAPLAS 2024.

Media Day 2.JPG

CHINAPLAS 2024 Media Day continued today with more exhibitors.


Check out the CHINAPLAS 2024 Media Day held yesterday.




In 2023, Evonik launched its Circular Economy Program to further its activities with additives and specialties for the circular economy. At CHINAPLAS 2024, Evonik focuses on the topic of circular economy with the theme of “WE GO BEYOND FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY”.

Evonik_Toni Schreibweiss.JPG

Toni Schreibweiss, Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific of High performance polymer, Evonik.


Toni Schreibweiss, Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific of High performance polymer line, explained Evonik’s mission and strategy on sustainable development, including next-generation solutions, next-generation technology and next-generation enterprise culture.

Evonik_Janny Ji.JPG

Janny Ji, Director of PA 12 product line, Asia Pacific, Evonik.


Janny Ji, Director of PA 12 product line, Asia Pacific, introduced Evonik’s latest sustainable polymer and additive solutions with a wide range of applications at this year’s CHINAPLAS.


VESTAMID PA12 high-performance polymer is applied at smart mobility. On green hydrogen power, VESTAMID NRG can be used in producing hydrogen transportation pipelines and storage tanks while SEPURAN membranes can be used in the separation and purification of gases such as methane and hydrogen. A concept car seat made with mono-material PA12 will also be presented to demonstrate plastic circularity.


On additive manufacturing, EVONIK will present INFINAM ready-to-use 3D printing material, and specialized resin and additives.




ENGEL and its second brand WINTEC presented at the same session on the Media Day. Gero Willmeroth, President of Asia and Oceania region from ENGEL, introduced the company’s circular economy solutions in software, hardware, injection molding technology and machine design concepts.

ENGEL_Gero Willmeroth.JPG

Gero Willmeroth, President of Asia and Oceania region, ENGEL


At CHINAPLAS 2024, ENGEL will demonstrate the developments of circular economy with its skinmelt process, which enables the use of recyclate in a wide range of plastic products without compromising optical and mechanical quality of the components.


Moreover, machine exhibits include duo 5160H/1560W/700 combi, e-mac 100 PRO, insert 200V/100 rotary PRO and victory 320/120 tech PRO while at Expert corners, ENGEL will present inject 4.0 digital solutions, ENGEL CC300 plus control unit, as well as discussion on closed cycle of materials.


For WINTEC, after introducing the company’s background, history and recent investment, Markus Fuchs, President Sales & Service at WINTEC Global and President Southeast Asia at ENGEL, revealed WINTEC’s exhibit at CHINAPLAS.

WINTEC_Markus Fuchs.JPG

Markus Fuchs, President Sales & Service, WINTEC Global and President Southeast Asia, ENGEL.


The new t-win SE hydraulic two-platen injection molding machine features original outstanding two-platen design, modular design, smart control system, compact injection unit and energy efficient drive concept. It is suitable for applications such as automotive, home appliances and mold.


The full-electric and high-precision e-win SE injection molding machine with compact design and outstanding stability offers efficient production even in limited production space. With WINTEC C3 controllers, the machine also enables great operational flexibility and more complex applications.


Last but not least, WINTEC will present a-win, an efficient linear robot. The robot can be applied to all t-win machines, providing a space-saving and stable finished solutions.




Syensqo centered at creating advanced, sustainable solutions to drive the company’s growth. Yang Liu, China Director, pointed out Syensqo has invested RMB 4 billion to R&I in battery materials, green hydrogen, renewable materials and biotechnology, as well as thermoplastics composites, since 2005.

Syensqo_Yang Liu.JPG

Yang Liu, China Director, Syensqo.


At CHINAPLAS 2024, the company will highlight its Swyft-Ply, a new composite material brand. Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President E&I Specialty Polymers, introduced that Swyft-Ply offers weight reduction and exceptional strength, as well as fulfilling UL94 flammability requirements, to electronic and smart device manufacturers.

Syensqo_Andrew Lau.JPG

Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President E&I Specialty Polymers, Syensqo.


Ning Chen, Vice President of Polymer Additives Technology Solutions, also introduced Syensqo’s polymer stabilizer technology, which enhances performance and added value to polymer materials, prolonging the materials’ use life and reducing plastic waste.

Syensqo_Ning Chen.JPG

Ning Chen, Vice President of Polymer Additives Technology Solutions, Syensqo.


The product portfolio of stabilizers can be applied in various industries, including construction, injection and blow molding and high-end agricultural films.


Wanhua Chemical


In response to the trend of global warming, energy transformation is accelerating globally, developing renewable energy sources, such as wind power and photovoltaics (PV), is a global consensus to address climate issues.


Yong He, General Manager of Wanhua Advanced Material Solutions BU, introduced the company’s PV grade POE with low corrosiveness, vapor transmittance, volume resistivity, as well as excellent weather resistance.

Wanhua_Yong He.JPG

Yong He, General Manager of Wanhua Advanced Material Solutions BU.


On the use of clean energy, the proportion of clean electricity used in Wanhua’s industrial parks is expected to exceed 50% by 2030, and ultimately reaches 100% by 2035. Energy transformation is expected through solar PV, onshore and offshore wind power and nuclear power.




At CHINAPLAS 2024, ARBURG will exhibit in the same hall as the Asian injection molding machine manufacturers for the first time, bringing its technology closer to local customers.

ARBURG_Andrea Carta.JPG

Andrea Carta, Vice President Sales Overseas, ARBURG.


Andrea Carta, Vice President Sales Overseas, introduced the Flexlift linear robotic system, which will also be presented at CHINAPLAS. It is designed as an entry-level solution for the automated production of molded parts and is exclusively available for the Asian market.


Zhao Tong, Managing Director, ARBURG China.


Zhao Tong, Managing Director of ARBURG China, pointed out that as mobility sector, especially in the mid and upper price segments, are successful in the Chinese market, ARBURG will focus the exhibits in mobility sector at this year’s CHINAPLAS.


The Golden Electric Evo, with Flexlift, will be presented for the automotive application. The machine with LSR cylinder and vacuum equipment will produce valves made of liquid silicone for use in cars.




At CHINAPLAS 2024, under the theme of “Solutions for a Better Tomorrow”, LyondellBasell will have five innovative application scenarios: Mobility & Transportation, Lifestyle & Consumer, Healthcare & Hygiene, Building & Infrastructure, Circular and Low Carbon Solutions.


At the fair, LyondellBasell will present its Circulen solutions, which are produced using raw materials derived from mechanical recycling (CirculenRecover), advanced recycling (CirculenRevive) or renewable materials (CirculenRenew).

LyondellBasell_Rolf van Beeck.JPG

Rolf van Beeck, Vice President of Advanced Polymer Solutions (APS) APAC and AfMEI, LyondellBasell.


Rolf van Beeck, Vice President of Advanced Polymer Solutions (APS) APAC and AfMEI, explained how LyondellBasell closes the recycling loop in automotive industry – from automotive OEM and end-life of plastic components, to innovation of APS sustainable products with thermoplastic processing, and finally to produce new plastic parts with circulen product portfolio.




Huafon will show its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its new FREEMOUNT brand as well as three new products.

Huafon_Mosha Zhao.JPG

Mosha Zhao, Marketing Director, Huafon.


Mosha Zhao, Marketing Director, introduced Huafon’s product portfolio in apparel, food, living and transportation areas.


On food packaging application, she revealed the new FREEMOUNT PPC, a high performance biodegradable material with good barrier and optical properties for film packaging. She presented the “Keep strawberries fresh” experiment, which the strawberries under FREEMOUNT PPC cling wrap have the slowest ripping process after 6-day storage test at room temperature.


For apparel application, she also introduced Terrafon Performance Polymer, the recyclable thermoplastic polyester elastomer, which offers high-performance and lightweight characteristics for footwear and apparel industries.


For living, Huafon offers Nuprima, a recyclable alternative material for leather, providing the opulence and tender touch of genuine leather. For transportation, FREEMOUNT fluxless brazing of aluminum alloys helps lowering brazing temperature to reduce carbon footprint.




Wen Liang, General Manager of Genox, presented the situation of plastic production and recycling in China, as well as the development characteristics and problems of China’s recycling industry.

Genox_Wen Liang.JPG

Wen Liang, General Manager, Genox.


He then listed Genox’s recycling cases in waste lithium battery recycling and waste tire recycling.


Genox works on R&D of waste lithium battery charged crushing, electromagnetic induction oxygen control temperature control pyrolysis technology. As a result, the company owns five patents and was selected in the Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment encouraged by the State for Development (2023 Edition).


At CHINAPLAS 2024, with the theme of “intelligent driven, technology-led, and service for high-value utilization of rubber and plastic recycling”, Genox will present its advanced technology in solid waste resource utilization and the recycling industry.

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